Peninsula Golden Jubilee Cup


Kadoorie Family


1866-03-02, the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH) was incorporated as The Hongkong Hotel Company, Limited.


It was one of the first ten companies in Hong Kong to be granted a listing on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


The history of the company that became the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels stretches back almost as far as Hong Kong itself.



Peninsula Group


1920s, with the majority shareholding in the company acquired by the Kadoorie family, HSH is still run by their descendants.


1928-12-09, the original Peninsula was built in and the ‘Grande Dame’ is Hong Kong’s only surviving historic hotel.


1978, the Peninsula Golden Jubilee Challenge Cup was presented by The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Peninsula Hong Kong,


1978-12-16, the inaugural trophy race was held in Happy Valley.


The trophy race has since been competed annually thereafter.





Season Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Dist.
78-79 AMBER STAR Cruz A S Sofronoff G Ralph Karr  1800
79-80 VALLEY FAME Leyshan P Sofronoff G Dr David S C Ng 1600
80-81 BIG SALOON Mòore G W Moore G Au Yeung Sik 2000
81-82 PURE GOLD Staples R Hutchison B Tang Suen Ming 1000
82-83 PURE GOLD Staples R Hutchison B Tang Suen Ming 1000
83-84 SPARKS Wong K S Wong S T Ching Jang Kao – Ching Man Kit 2000


Date Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. R_time
1984-11-11 MYSTIC BA086 Robert J Lee Yu Sheng B K Ng Y P Chan 1000 0.57.50
1985-11-09 SHI SHAN AT128 DON Wing Leung L Fownes W Woods 1200 1.11.70
1986-11-09 SEA PEARL AV048 Hong Kong Golf Club Synd. L Fownes P Leyshan 1200 1.11.00
1987-11-14 LUCK GIANT BC104 Milano Choy Tak Ho P C Kan B Leisher 1800 1.50.60
1988-10-22 STEWBALL BB044 Philip Chien Chung Kwong A Chan P Waldron 2050 2.08.30
1989-10-29 FIGARO BC036  Financial Investors Group Synd. D Oughton P Robinson 1400 1.23.60
1990-11-03 ACTON TOWN BG348 Ignatius Tam Kwan Ping P L Biancone B Thomson 2000 2.04.90
1991-11-02 CONCERT KING BH101 Cheung Yiu Wing, Cheung Wing Hong & Cheung Wing Keung D Hill J Matthias 1400 1.22.40
1992-10-31 SILVER ARROW BJ138 William Fan Chung Yue D Cruz A S Cruz 1600 1.35.90
1993-11-06 CHAMPMAN RIVER BJ074 Mong Man Tak P C Kan J Marshall 1200 1.10.80
1994-10-22 TIGER’S SPIRIT BH214 John Woo D Oughton M Kinane 1000 0.58.50
1995-11-11 CHE SARA SARA BM223 Paul Kan Man Lok D Oughton M Kinane 1600 1.34.80
1996-11-09 EMPHASIS BM155 Chow Kwen Lim, Dr Chan Bing Fun & Stephen Ting Leung Huel D Oughton M Kinane 2000 2.03.70
1997-11-23 ALL GOOD BL057 Lam Chok Fai A S Cruz K M Chin 2000 2.04.20
1998-11-14 FORTUNE MAKER BP061 Ng Siu Fai & Ng Wong Yee Man D Cruz R Fradd 1000 0.56.70
1999-12-04 SUPER CENTURY V029 Wong Yuk Kwan A S Cruz F Coetzee 1200 1.10.20
2000-12-02 SMARTLORD BS090 The Hon James Tien Pei Chun J Moore S Dye 1400 1.23.20
2001-12-01 LUCKSWELL A171 Wong Hon Yuen S T Wong S Dye 2000 2.04.50
2002-11-30 SUPER BLITZ B120 Lam Yin Kee D Cruz O Doleuze 2000 2.05.90
2003-11-15 CHATER LANE B339 HK Cricket Club Syndicate D E Ferraris D Whyte 2000 2.04.10
2005-12-03 STABLE MAIL E184 Gary W J Coull C Fownes F Coetzee 1650 1.38.60
2006-12-02 GOLDEN SUN D386 Choi Chee Ming C H Yip O Doleuze 1650 1.39.10
2007-12-01 KIMBO KID C379 Felix Kwan Shiu Fai A S Cruz H W Lai 1650 1.40.40
2008-12-06 LUCKY QUALITY H134 Dr Peter Wu Hin Ting Y S Tsui O Doleuze 1200 1.08.58
2010-01-16 SUPER SATIN K116 Ranjan Tikam Mahtani C Fownes D Whyte 1800 1.47.93
2010-12-04 WHITE JADE K131 Joseph Chan Shu Chuen J Moore D Beadman 1650 1.38.36
2011-12-04 MILITARY MOVE M077 Mr & Mrs Steven Lo Kit Sing J Moore N Callan 1650 1.39.32
2012-12-02 AOMEN N008 Fentons Racing Syndicate J Size D Whyte 1650 1.38.89
2013-12-01 LORD SINCLAIR N447 Stephen Ho Wai Man, Fred Ho Ka Chun & Derek Ho Ka Chung S Woods B Prebble 1200 1.07.46
2014-12-07 PIKACHU S298 Win Forever Syndicate D E Ferraris N Callan 1400 1.22.63
2015-12-06 SILLY BUDDIES S054 AA84 Syndicate J Size B Prebble 1200 1.09.72
2016-12-04 D B PIN V344 Samuel Wong Yin Shun J Size K Teetan 1000 0.56.80
2016-12-04 TURIN PEARL P267 Chan Cheung Hi, Lam Suet Wan & Tsoi Huk Yam L Ho H T Mo 1650 1.39.17





The Kadoorie family built up a first-class hotel group by acquisition and development in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Peking, now Beijing.


2013, world-famous Peninsula Hotels brand of deluxe-plus comfort with unmatched service keeps branching out from Hong Kong.


Their achievements are represented by nine properties in Asia and America, with a tenth opening in Paris.





All this trophy races have been held on Turf or AWT in Happy Valley or Sha Tin Racecourses, distances of 1000 – 2050 meter





photo gallery – 《RacingMemories.HK》


Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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