Pearce Memorial Challenge Cup

Pearce Memorial Challenge Cup





A legendary trophy in memory for a legendary hero


1940-1941 The Hon, T E Pearce, JP, nicknamed as “Tam” Pearce‘, was the Chairman of HKJC.


He was a prominent businessman and sportsman of his time, who worked unsparingly to improve racing at Happy Valley.


“Tam” Pearce‘ was also keen that the Club should provide land for spelling its racing ponies.


He successfully negotiated with the Hong Kong Government for the purchase of the Club’s property at Beas River.


1941, “Tam” Pearce lost his life in the defence of Hong Kong against the Japanese invasion.


1948, The Pearce Memorial Cup was first run in memory of him.






The legacy of a Great Race


“Tam” Pearce‘s racing colors, carried by the Jockey on the Trophy.


His silk commanded great respect and met with considerable success.






Recent Results since 1985


Date Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1985-06-01 QUALITY FIRST A S Cruz K H Au D J Loh
1986-05-31 FLYING DANCER P Leyshan A Ward Lo Ka Kun
1987-05-30 ARI T Duckett L Fownes Mr & Mrs M Y K Ma
1988-05-28 DIAMOND HEAD B Compton J Moore Sammy Ma Hon Kit
1989-05-28 SUPER GRADE P H Chan K C Lo Cheng Yu Tung
1990-06-02 ACCOLADE N Tiley K H Au Andrew K N Li
1991-06-01 BOLSHOI PRINCE B Marcus T P Wong Daniel L Zigal
1992-05-31 PILOT STAR R Thompson N Begg Lam Sai Ping
1993-05-29 CROWN COUNSEL G Mosse L Fownes Wong Chung Din
1994-05-28 HEAVILY ARMED M Clarke G Lane Ng Yat Hon
1995-04-29 PRIVILEGE B Marcus I W Allan Peggy Kwoh So Chi
1996-05-04 SUCCESS PARTNERS B Marcus I W Allan Leong M Y, Raymond Fung, Grace Chan & Nicholas Chiu
1997-05-03 SKY COAST P Strydom L S Li Cheung Yan Lung
1998-04-25 ENGINEMAN C K Tsang I W Allan Winway Racing Syndicate
1999-04-24 MADE TO FIGURE C T Cheng D Oughton Financial Investors Group Syndicate
2000-04-29 HELENE EXPRESS B Marcus D A Hayes Dawson, Jackson, Wilson & Carmen Woo
2001-04-28 STRONG SCOTCH T Culhane Y O Wong The Hon Sir Sidney Gordon
2002-04-27 GENERAL KINGY S K Sit K W Lui Kam Hing Yuen
2003-04-13 BULLISH LUCK M Walker P F Yiu Wong Wing Keung
2004-05-26 HIGH INTELLIGENT R Fradd J Size High Intelligent Group Syndicate
2005-05-11 RED POWER S Dye C S Shum Lucky Combination Syndicate
2006-05-10 GREENESSY Y T Cheng D Cruz Li Wing Hon & Tung Lai Kwan
2007-05-09 GREAT ACHIEVEMENT D Nikolic K L Man Wickham Shek Yu Fai
2008-05-07 IRON FIST K T Yeung A T Millard 06/07 Anthony T Millard Trainer Syndicate
2009-05-06 MAN IN THE MIRROR O Doleuze J Size Families Fun Racing Syndicate
2010-04-28 IMPLIED VOLATILITY Y T Cheng Y O Wong Patrick Fu Kor Kuen
2011-05-10 FORTUNE RED PEPPER J Lloyd C W Chang Lau Fu Wing
2012-01-21 GO BABY GO D Whyte C H Yip Peter Lam Kin Ngok & Stephen Ip Shu Kwan
2013-12-21 APPROVE N Callan J Moore Keith Hsu Kai Foo
2014-12-20 CLUB LIFE U Rispoli R Gibson HK Club Racing Syndicate
2016-01-09_7 AMAZING KIDS B Prebble J Size Ricky Tsoi Kee Kwong
2017-01-14_9 BOOMING DELIGHT S Clipperton J Moore Peter Law Kin Sang
2018-01-07_8 RADIANT STEED A Badel R Gibson Michael Lau Chor Chiu & Steve Lau Tsz Chung
2019-02-02_7 TORNADO TWIST J Moreira J Size Fok Yuk Tong





For the past 20 years, jockey Basil Marcus and trainer Ivan Allan achieved the best record.





2012-01-21 Programme Amendment of a 1000m race was run as the Pearce Memorial Challenge Cup.


Traditionally, the trophy race had been held at around the end of racing season.


Mr J L C Pearce, an Honorary Steward of the Club and the son of Chairman Pearce, usually presents the Cup and a miniature to winning owners.





Photo Gallery


Video Showcase



Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah, Mr Peter Yuen, and Mr Donald Tsai, HKJC Archives, Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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