Panasonic Cup


The Longest Sponsor Group


1953, Dr. William Mong established Shun Hing Hong.


It was initially the sole Hong Kong and Macanese distributor for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now known as Panasonic Corporation) products.


After 60 years of steady expansion, the Shun Hing Group continues to do its utmost to build its business by enhancing customers’ lifestyle and comfort.



The First Sponsor Trophy


1985-03-23, the inaugural Panasonic Cup was presented.


Since then, the race has become a yearly occasion in local racing for consecutive 30 years.


Panasonic and its sole agent, the Shun Hing Group, are the longest serving commercial sponsor of horse-racing at HKJC.





Date R_no R_index Horse Owner Trainer Jockey
1985-03-23 04 353 PRAIRIE DUNES Frank C Kung L Fownes D Brosnan
1986-03-01 04 310 MONETARIST Anthony Man Hung C Robertson G Palmer
1986-11-01 04 083 PACKSTAR Fung Kam Chung K C Lo P H Chan
1987-11-07 04 089 DISTINCTION Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun J Moore B Compton
1988-11-26 04 121 PRIDE OF HONG KONG Mr & Mrs B K Murjani G Lane C K Tse
1989-11-04 04 096 QUICKEN AWAY Lo Sing Pui B K Ng K L Tsui
1990-11-25 06 128 GALWAY The Hon Samuel Wong Ping Wai P C Kan T Ives
1991-10-26 06 086 WONDERFUL WORLD Anthony Yip Wai Kwan K T Kam J Marshall
1992-10-24 07 098 MOTIVATION Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun J Moore D Beadman
1993-11-13 05 118 MOTIVATION Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun J Moore J Marshall
1994-11-05 04 108 STERLING TOWN Michael Shum Wai Kit & Lim Kiam Leng I W Allan B Marcus
1995-10-28 07 106 PRIVILEGE Peggy Kwoh So Chi I W Allan B Marcus
1996-11-02 05 130 CITADEED Alan F S Li I W Allan D Whyte
1997-11-08 04 138 SPECIAL Mr & Mrs Kenneth Chan Sheung Yan D A Hayes B Marcus
1998-10-24 07 121 INDIGENOUS Mr & Mrs Pang Yuen Hing I W Allan D Whyte
1999-11-06 05 137 BEST OF THE BEST Alexander Lee Chun Hung T P Wong D Harrison
2000-11-04 07 151 PLENTY-PLENTY Geoffrey M T Yeh I W Allan W M Lai
2001-11-03 08 143 ELECTRONIC UNICORN Lo Ying Bin J Size R Fradd
2002-11-02 07 148 ALL THRILLS TOO Alan Lam Man Bun D A Hayes G Mosse
2003-11-08 07 170 MERIDIAN STAR Meridian Racing Syndicate D A Hayes D Dunn
2004-11-06 06 153 PLANET RULER Steven Chan Sheung Chi & Kenneth Chan Sheung Yan D A Hayes G Mosse
2005-11-05 08 150 GEM OF INDIA Nav Bharat Racing Syndicate J Size O Doleuze
2006-11-04 07 135 SIR ERNESTO Ernest Lam Jen Ho & Christopher Lam Jen Toa D Cruz F Coetzee
2007-11-03 08 139 RIVER JORDAN The Executors of the Estate of the late Cheng Chi Tai J Moore D Beadman
2008-11-16 09 160 THUMBS UP Leung Chung Shan C S Shum M Du Plessis
2009-11-07 08 146 WHITE JADE Joseph Chan Shu Chuen J Moore Y T Cheng
2010-11-06 09 157 CALIFORNIA MEMORY The Executors of the Estate of the late Dr Thomas Liang Ting Sen A S Cruz M Chadwick
2011-11-13 08 164 CAPTAIN SWEET Wong Chin Leung J Moore D Beadman
2012-11-10 08 155 REAL SPECIALIST Kenneth Lau Ip Keung & Judy Lau Yap Ai Ai J Size D Whyte
2013-11-09 8 153 FLAGSHIP SHINE Kwok Chan Yiu J Moore J Moreira
2014-11-15 8 165 BEAUTY FLAME Kwok Siu Ming A S Cruz M Chadwick
2015-11-14 8 177 BEAUTY FLAME Dr Philip Ho Kin Hoi, Dr Ernest Yau Hok Shing & Dr Joseph Pang Yeuk She J Moore Y T Cheng
2016-11-12 8 183 RACING SUPERNOVA Wu Chak Man & Ng Chit Yam W Y So J Moreira
2017-11-11 07 187 WESTERN EXPRESS Larry Yung Chi Kin J Size S Clipperton






So far, Shun Hing Group is the longest period sponsor of local racing events, and has significant contribution to charity and community service in Hong Kong and China.


It benefits education, healthcare, recreation, environmental protection and sports over the years.





The Most Winning Horse:

2 times — MOTIVATION (1992, 1993)


The Most Winning Owner:

3 times — Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun (1987, 1992, 1993)


The Most Winning Trainer:

8 times — J Moore (1987, 1992, 1993, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015)


The Most Winning Jockey:

3 times — B Marcus (1994, 1995, 1997)


Winner list has 4 Horses of the Year:







Panasonic Cup – video showcase
Panasonic Cup – photo gallery



Acknowledgement To HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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