[:en]Off Course Betting History[:zh]場外投注歷史[:]

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  1. e70536 says:

    Off-track betting (OTB) refers to sanctioned gambling on horse racing outside USA race track.

  2. e70536 says:

    1974年4月20日 – 當年今日 馬會開設首六間場外投注站。http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXXkm5-inrk

  3. iankleyou says:

    Before the 1970s, only the state of Nevada allowed for off-track betting.

  4. iankleyou says:


  5. 競馬 says:

    OTB became allowed in New York City in 1970.

  6. 競馬 says:

    2008-12-17 七名加州賽馬委員會成員 全票通過批准將賽場外賭博擴展到紙牌室、體育酒吧和其他商業。

  7. myhorse says:

    But in December 2010, the NYC OTB closed due to lack of profitability

  8. myhorse says:


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