Off Course Betting History


Turning point of HKJC Service



HKJC recognized the importance of providing flexible and convenient betting services even before its professionalization.



The Milestone Of Horse Racing Game And Betting Entertainment



Hong Kongers have been enthusiastic in betting, but buying a betting ticket was limited at the on-course betting booths at the racecourse for decades.


During race meetings, illegal bookmakers practicing unlawful betting activities spread across the city.


It was difficult to be curbed by police enforcement only, with inter-connected criminal activities stemmed.


Off-the-Course Betting (later simplified as off-course betting) service to provide a legal and convenience betting way and assist in fighting against illegal gambling.





1958, the discussion on off-course betting was raised in the Club


There opposing views on legalizing off-course betting, leading to debates lasted from the late 1960s and early 1970s.


1973-11-29, legislation on off-course betting was eventually introduced.


Night racing was inaugurated in the same year.


RHKJC was authorized to conduct off-course betting on horse racing at Happy Valley.


1974-04-20 was the first time people in Hong Kong were able to place bets outside the Happy Valley Racecourse.


6 off-course betting branches (OCBB) were officially opened:

  • Kwong Fung Branch in Kennedy Town
  • Fife Branch in Mongkok
  • Baker Court Branch in Hung Hom
  • Ting On Branch in Ngau Tau Kok
  • Main Street Branch in Yuen Long
  • Texaco Branch in Tsuen Wan


1974/75 racing season, after the success of the 6 pilot branches, the welcomed off-course betting service was expended to 28 branches.


8 of them located in Hong Kong, 14 in Kowloon and 6 in the New Territories.


Figure shows that off-course betting was accounting for about 60% of Club’s total turnover in the season.





In recent years, there are more than 100 off-course betting branches in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and outlying islands, branches 26, 48, 32 and 3 respectively.


Betting branches are staffed by courteous and knowledgeable customer services representatives.


Modernly designed centers are being introduced to meet evolving customer and community needs.


State-of-the-art Betting Branches facilitate spacious betting hall, racing corner and football corner, providing plenteous racing and football betting information as well as customer service centre with exclusive services.


During non-race days, some branches are available for various community functions.


Thus enabling the Jockey Club to contribute to the growth of local community social activities.


Wi-Fi service is available in designated Off-Course Betting Branches recently, to access the HKJC website, use Online Betting Service “eWin” and PDA Betting Service free-of-charge there.





Currently, other then the betting function, The MTBT with EFT serviceNext Generation Betting Terminal also provides services.


Such as Instant funds transfer, Betting Account balance enquiry, Bank account balance enquiry & Electronic funds transfer to and from the nominated bank account.







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