Ng chi-lam Jerry 1917-11-16 — 2014-06-10

Silver Fox Maestro




The only champion trainer who held the title both in Hong Kong and Macau.




Jerry started his legendary racing career in Shanghai and Northern China before WWII and being regarded as Maestro Ng.

Ng chi-lam‘s father Ng Yuk-hei, mother Wong Lin, uncles Wong Lin-hei, brother Ng chi-chiu, cousin Wong Tang-ping, nephew Ng Ting-keung, Gary all relate to racing.

Even with trainers Wong Ah-sei, Lin Yun-foo, Lin Yun-liang and Lam Hung-fei, they all came from a neighborhood at Jiangdu District.





1917-11-16 Ng chi-lam Jerry was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China.


He was the riding boy and worked in the race courses in Shanghai and Northern China by the age of 13.


1939-01-13 Ng chi-lam arrived Hong Kong with ponies from the Eric Moller Stable. He settled down and worked for Russian trainer Tokmakoff renowned for taming difficult horses.


1957, Ng was promoted as trainer in HKJC.


1970, 1972 & 1973, Ng chi-lam Jerry was the champion trainer.


1978-02-09 — 1979-02-10 SILVER LINING was conditioned by Jerry, landed 5 victories including the inaugural, before transferred to George Moore‘s stable.


1980-03-09 — 1980-09-27 SUPER WIN was recovered by Jerry, landed a 4th place ridden by K W Lui after transferred from George Moore‘s stable (defeating the 5th placed SILVER LINING ridden by Gary Moore).


1987-02-21_4, teamed with Tony Cruz, TEA FOR TWO II scored the only Derby saddled by Jerry.


1988, Jerry retired from HKJC, while he still gained a third place in the trainer premiership.


Then he moved to Macau for a few years and again became a champion trainer there.





Later, Jerry came back and employed by Philip Johnston, the former Dirctor of Racing, as the manager of the Beas River Equestrian Centre with a HK$50,000 salary for caring the spells.


He kept on attending races and became owners till his final years.


2014-06-10, 5 p.m. Ng chi-lam Jerry aged 96, passed away due to cardiac failure at the Ruttonjee Hospital.






Ng chi-lam Jerry had no formal education but he managed to communicate in foreign languages such as English and Japanese.






China Races – 《RacingMemories.HK》

photo gallery of Ng chi-lam Jerry – 《RacingMemories.HK》



Acknowledgment to Mr Ng chi-lam Jerry and his family for relevant data.





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