8 Responses to MR VITALITY (BM108)

  1. iankleyou says:

    馬佳善百勝威 · 馬佳善好跑得 · 馬佳善大殺手火併靚蝦王 · 李格力百看不厭 · 自己甩咗鬚 · 馬佳善活力先生沙宣挑戰杯 · 夏力信聖利 · [賽馬] 《經典20》- 奪錦

  2. RicoCell says:

    MR VITALITY got a 4th place in the 1994 STC Golden Slipper.

  3. RicoCell says:


  4. rewon says:

    MR VITALITY arrived in HK as the best two-year-old form of any horse to come from Australia.

  5. rewon says:

    董事盃和 百週年紀念短途盃改於同日上演. 「活力先生」後,沒有匹可以同季囊括這兩個獎盃。

  6. rewon says:

    STC Golden Slipper is the premier race in Australia and is the world’s richest race for two-year-old Thoroughbreds.

  7. aheadq says:

    董事盃和 百週年紀念短途盃改於同日上演. 「活力先生」後,沒有匹可以同季囊括這兩個獎盃。

  8. aheadq says:

    MR VITALITY won other races besides fourth in their main juvenile contest the Group One Golden Slipper.

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