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Family Syndicate; Fraternal Affiliate




1859, following the death of his first wife Jenny (Holm), Captain Nils sailed his brig ‘Osaka’ from Helsingborg, Sweden, to find work in China.

After a very public legal argument with the Swedish and Norwegian Consulates concerning flags of convenience, Captain Nils declared himself a citizen of Shanghai.

He later removed the umlaut from his Swedish family name of ‘Moller‘.

He had two further families in Shanghai (with Alethea Stephenson and Hannah Clappison).

Some of his grandsons from Alethea later taking commissions in the British Army during WW1 and WW2 (despite their American nationalities).

They subsequently becoming highly decorated in England, France, Russia and Romania.

His family tree from Hannah Clappison were renowned in horse racing.

Until ceasing to races in the early 1940’s. Moller racing became on of the strongest strings of ponies racing on the China Coast.

Moller Line & Co’ developed in Shanghai and spread globally (also several susidiary companies).

Until ceasing to trade in the early 1980’s. Moller shipping became on of the largest fleet of tramp traders in the China Seas.





Birth Date — Death Date Name Age Place of Birth Place of Death
1825-10-08 — 1903-05-14 Captain Nils Moller 78 Brunnby, Sweden Helsingborg, Sweden
1875-08-12 — 1954-03-13 Nils Amelon Eric Moller 78 Hull, Yorkshire, UK Kallang Airport, Singapore
1884-06-21 — 1978-12-02 Isabel Elizabeth Moller (Blechynden) 94 Auckland, NZ London, UK
1906-10-19 — 1988-07-11 Eric Blechynden Moller 81 Shanghai, China London, UK
1908-04-20 — 1984-07-01 Lindsay Moller 76 Shanghai, China Durban, South Africa
1910-06-23 — 1983-03-13 Ralph Moller 72 Shanghai, China UK
1912-02-06 — 2006-05-27 Christopher Moller 94 Shanghai, China Hill Crest, Durban, S. Africa
1914-10-30 — 1997-04-13 Isabel Erica Blechynden Van de Needa 82 Shanghai, China London, UK
1916-09-26 — 2009-12-24 Nancy Rosalie Wim De Mets 93 Shanghai, China unknown






Despite the popular rumor about racing, the Moller fortune came from an insurance and shipping line founded by their previous generations in China.


SILKYLIGHT, SATINLIGHT, NAYYLIGHT were some of the famous horses owned and won for Mr Cire nicknamed of the Molloer Stable in Hong Kong.

1926-03-03_3 Eric Moller piloted FANTASTIC DAHLIA owned by Sir Paul Chater to win the Governors Cup.

1938-02-21 Eric Moller‘s SILKYLIGHT,ridden by his son Ralph “Budgie” Moller, being led in with his daughter Nancy The 66th Derby.

1938-02-23 SILKYLIGHT defeated Dunbar‘s LIBERTY BAY after his 26 winning spree to win the Champions Stakes.

1938-11-19 R.B.Moller mounted on SILKYLIGHT for The Hong Kong St. Leger.

1940-02-19 The 68th Derby, SATINLIGHT, Cire’s R B Moller, 1-1/2 miles.

1940-02-19 Challenge Cup, Mrs Elizabeth Moller, daughter Isabel Erica Blechynden (Mrs Van de Needa) led-in, NAYYLIGHT ridden by R B Moller.


During World War II, the Mollers were great horsemen and their riding victories back in China included the 1940s Shanghai Grand National.

They parlayed into equal good fortune in their thoroughbred venture, which was built upon a group of foundation mares purchased as yearlings or lay-ups.

1944 September, Tattersalls sale at Newmarket, HORAMA was one of the former acquired for 2100 guineas.

As a racehorse, she won the Prince of Wales’s Stakes, an important contest.

She was to prove even more valuable at stud, as her track records clearly illustrated.

HORAMA won four races ridden by Harry Wragg, who was soon to train the Moller horses until his son, Geoff, took over.


1954-03-13 Eric Moller was killed in an airline accident in Singapore, only a few years after they leaving China.

Ralph Mollers returned to Great Britain, teaming up with his brother Eric Blechynden (E.B.) Moeller for the breeding ventures.

E B himself also an accomplished rider, same as his father.

They set up the Mollers Racing operation at White Lodge Stud near Newmarket.

The family’s burgundy-and-gold insignia has reached still greater racing heights on the thoroughbred side of affairs.


TEENOSO, who represented the fifth generation of HORAMA’s family.

1983-06-01, Lester Piggott TEENOSO was his ninth– and last – winning mount in the Epsom Derby.

1984-07-28 Ascot, the Mollers got their greatest moment as an owner when TEENOSO went on to win and gave Piggott his final King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes.

Other Moller classic winners were FULL DRESS II (1,000 Guineas) and LACQUER (Irish 1,000 Guineas).


1983-03-13, Ralph Moller passed away in England.

Mollers Racing is financed by a trust fund arranged in his will.


PENTIRE, came as a rare all-rounder whose eighteen-race career roaming extensively from 1200 to 2400 meters.

1995-06-23, Ascot, King Edward VII Stakes PENTIRE defeating SHAAMIT and CLASSIC CLICHE.

1996-07-27 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes Michael Hills PENTIRE Ascot, owner Mollers Racing.

As a stallion, PENTIRE has fathered a solid, if not flamboyant, line of descendants well featured twenty-five group stakes winners.


2013-05-05, PENTIRE sired KING MUFHASA, a multiple Group I winner from New Zealand, competed in the Hong Kong Champions Mile (HKG-GI).


With some other winners, they were also by PENTIRE, an equine athlete that has never set hooves on the local turf.

Yet whose human connections went so deep in the history of racing, not only for Hong Kong.

The legend was in a more general context, the coastal racing ports of pre-war China.

PENTIRE was initially campaigned by Ralph “Budgie” Moller‘s syndicate.

He was a cast member of turf stardom way back in Hong Kong‘s amateur era.

More precisely the gentleman rider aboard wonder-pony SILKYLIGHT, the sensational entry for his father, shipping magnate Eric Moeller.

The Derby winner was conditioned by the legendary George Sofronoff, to script one of the most laureated episodes ever staged at Happy Valley.

1938-02-23, way into folklore – SILKYLIGHT laid to rest the undefeated LIBERTY BAY‘s twenty-six-race winning streak in the Hong Kong Champions Stakes.

Nowadays that classic trophy has been named as Hong Kong Champions and Chater Cup.





Besides Sofronoff, trainers Jerry Ng Chi-lam, Wong Tang-ping, Gary Ng Ting-keung were also directly or indirectly linked with Moller.

His stables hired Jerry’s father to work at several racecourses in Northern and Eastern parts of China.

Even Steward Eric Cumine, an icon in SRC and HKJC rode for and raced with the Mollers before.

From the past to the present and from the East to the West, Mollers are legendary and extraordinary.

Their name has been synonymous with high-class equestrian sports such as polo and steeplechasing.

The family stud, White Lodge, became an successful landmark of thoroughbred farm and racing industry.

1988-07-11, Eric Blechynden Moller passed away in London.

After his death, both White Lodge Stud and its bloodstock were sold to the Maktoum family of the Middle East..

But the name and the racing colors have live on and thriving through Mollers Racing.





Flag of convenience is the business practice of registering a merchant ship in a sovereign state different from that of the ship’s owners, and flying that state’s civil ensign on the ship. Ships are registered under flags of convenience to reduce operating costs or avoid the regulations of the owner‘s country.

HORAMA is a Greek word meaning “sight, spectacle, that which is seen,” from horan “to look, see”.

PENTIRE is a stretch of coast in Cornwall area, UK.





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Acknowledgment to Ms Zhou Xing-ling for providing photos.

Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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