SAMARCQ, Marcel Renee 1915-1960



The Glory and Tragedy Of A French Gentleman Rider


Marcel Renee Samarcq was a famous French jockey in Hong Kong in the 1950s. He could converse in Mandarin with mafoos (grooms) .


His riding career spanned 28 years in China and Hong Kong (1932–1960). He was crowned the champion jockey four times; firstly in Tianjin (天津) and three times in Hong Kong.


  • 1915-03-02 born in Paris
  • 1919, came to China, grew up in Tianjin and learnt to speak Mandarin.
  • 1923, learnt riding with elder brother, Robert, who was a famous
    jockey in Tianjin.
  • 1932, he began his riding career in racecourse.
  • 1950, he planned to go to Australia for good.
  • 1951, stopped by Hong Kong, but stayed and carried on his riding career.
  • 1952/53, crowned champion jockey with 31 winners.
  • 1954/55, shared champion jockey honors with Peter Plumbly.
  • 1958/59, crowned champion jockey again with 34 winners.
  • 1960-01-02 fatal accident after a fall from race 4 AS YOU LIKE IT.


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