Macwhinnie, Sir Gordon


Professional Leader


Sir Gordon Menzies Macwhinnie CBE D.LITT FCA FHKSA JP (sometimes spelled as MacWhinnie)


For more than half a century, he was a key figure in the business, administrative, sports and social life of Hong Kong.


He was chairman of several companies, a member of government committees and the driving force behind the HKUST and HKJC.





1922-11-12, Gordon Menzies Macwhinnie was born in County Waterford, Tramore, Ireland after his father’s relocation from Scotland.


His father started work as a stockbroker in London and the family moved again to Chipstead, Surrey.


He was educated at the Westminster School, one of Britain’s leading independent schools.


He skipped University to embark on an accountancy training, which he recalled, included making tea and cleaning windows.


1939, World War II, Macwhinnie served as a captain with Number 1 Commando, Third Commando Brigade in Burma and the Far East.


1945, Macwhinnie was posted as captain to Hong Kong. He was one of the first members of British Forces Overseas Hong Kong, put in charge of Stanley prison for a year, which had actually housed Japanese officers.


1948, he joined Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co in England.


1950, he was transferred to the Hong Kong office, serving the most important client, HSBC.


1968, he became a senior partner of the local office of Peat Marwick Mitchell.


1973–1974, Macwhinnie founded the Hong Kong Society of Accountants, serving as its President. thus earned him the unofficial title “father of modern accountancy”.


1977, Gordon Macwhinnie was appointed OBE.


1978, he retired from the company, now called KPMG.


1980, he became a director of the Ocean Park Company, becoming chairman four years later.


1984, he was advanced to CBE.


1987-1993, he was appointed chairman of the Ocean Park Corporation.


1992, he was knighted.


1997, he was the chairman of the Allied Group and Allied Properties, until he retired in 2005.


2005, he stepped down from his commercial commitments.


2006, he finally retired to Kent, England.


2007-07-18, Sir Gordon Macwhinnie passed away at aged 84.


He is survived by his wife, Marjorie, whom he married in 1948, and their two sons.



Racing Figure


Horses owned:

Racing Period Horse Name Brand # 1-2-3-Starts Total Stakes Trainer(s) Jockeys(s)
1974 — 1977 INCITATUS AG067 2-?-?-? 101,125 J H Brown no record
1979-09-22 — 1981-03-28 ARION AL164 2-3-2-12 151,500 J H Brown S Morris
1979-10-03 — 1980-04-03 AETHE Z091 0-0-1-8 17,700 J H Brown P Leyshan, W P Hung
1984-01-07 — 1989-02-15 NOBLE PRINCE AV021 4-4-8-37 624,000 G Lane, G Smyth P Leyshan
1991-10-19 — 1993-06-13 ENDEAVOUR BH091 5-2-2-13 1,876,875 G Lane D Brereton
1982-01-03 — 1987-11-25 WAKEY WAKEY AS060 5-2-3-35 427,860 A Ward P Paquet, P Leyshan


With HKJC:


While the official title for Peat was the Club Treasurer.


Macwhinnie was still a junior staff, riding in an armored car to the Hong Kong Bank Building in Central, deposit the cash after every race meeting.


1950 October, he jointed HKJC as Member.


1956 JUL, he was elected as Voting Member.


1974 SEP, he was elected as Steward.


1987 MAY, he was elected as Vice Chairman.


1989 FEB, he was elected as Chairman.


1991, he retired as Chairman and became Honorable Steward.





Sir Gordon Macwhinnie‘s portfolio diversified well beyond his professional sphere: he was a local magistrate and had been active in horse racing administration.
For many years, he worked closely with the ICAC to reduce corruption in racing and betting, during the period as Steward to Chairman.





He is the acknowledged leader of the accountancy profession in Hong Kong and a prominent figure in many aspects of the former colony’s public and sporting life.


Besides his commercial interests (he serves as chairman of almost a dozen Hong Kong companies), he had extensive public commitments:


the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Mass Transit Railway, the Inland Revenue, the third university. Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chairman of the Hong Kong Futures Guarantee Corporation, and also HKJC.






Macwhinnie, Sir Gordon – video showcase

Macwhinnie, Sir Gordon – photo gallery





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