Macwhinnie Cup



Inaugural from 1992


1922-11-12 — 2007-07-18, Sir Gordon Menzies Macwhinnie CBE D.LITT FCA FHKSA JP (sometimes spelt as MacWhinnie).


He was the Chairman of HKJC from 1989 to 1991.


This Cup was presented to the Club by Sir Gordon Macwhinnie.


Previously, Sir Gordon and / or Lady Macwhinnie presented the Cup to the winning Owner in the presence of the Chairman and Stewards.



Winners Records


Date Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. Cl Ratings
1992-05-17 OPTIC EMPIRE BJ151 Ma Bo Kee T P Cheung B Thomson 1200 2 088-064
1993-05-16 FUKIEN BOY BK184 Kwok Ying Chuen I W Allan B Marcus 1000 2 088-064
1994-05-07 GINTS TO WIN BJ081 Lee Kai Yuen D Cruz A S Cruz 1000 2 088-064
1995-05-07 JAY EE EIGHT BJ240 Tang Man To & Tang Hung Kwong Y O Wong L O’Sullivan 1400 5 040-016
1996-05-11 SPARKO BM028 Dr David Ho Wai Tak B Hutchison D Oliver 1400 3 072-048
1997-05-10 FLYING TIGER BL127 John Woo D Oughton E Saint-Martin 1000 2 088-064
1998-05-09 SUPER GOAL BL150 Mr & Mrs Frankie Wu Wing Kuen P C Kan K H Ting 1600 2 088-064
1999-05-08 HONG KONG VITALITY BS010 Tse Wai Hung T W Leung B Doyle 1600 3 072-048
2000-05-07 MUNDAHISH BT250 Yau Yuen Hung B K Ng S K Sit 1600 3 072-048
2001-06-17 CONVERGENCE V289 Cheng Yuk Kuen K W Lui E Legrix 1400 3 068-048
2002-05-01 SELF FLIT B322 Tony Cheung Tze Tung & Siu Pak Kwan I W Allan W C Marwing 1400 3 068-048
2003-05-01 MAIN ATTRACTION B218 Chan Hak Shing & Adrian Yuen Moon Lam C H Yip Y T Cheng 1600 3 070-050
2004-05-01 ALL FIT D065 Chiu Chow Hon Kong Syndicate D Cruz G Schofield 1000 4 060-040
2005-05-01 KA KA WIN D006 Yu Man York C S Shum S Dye 2000 3 075-055
2006-04-30 WINE WIN G018 Lam Man Chan A Lee G Mosse 1200 4 060-040
2007-05-01 HAPPY MASTER E050 Mr & Mrs Lee Bing Kwong K L Man K L Chui 1400 4 060-040
2008-05-04 RARE TREASURE H150 Baffin Wong Yu Kwan J Size D Whyte 1200 4 060-040
2009-05-03 SMART CURRENCY J222 Francis & Louise Chan A S Cruz K L Chui 1000 4 060-040
2010-05-08 NAMJONG HUNTER H280 Jaime Sze Wine Him D Cruz M L Yeung 1400 4 060-040
2011-05-07 SCENT OF OSMANTHUS L341 Li Ning Y S Tsui Y T Cheng 1400 4 060-040
2012-05-12 SAMADHI N200 Johnson Chen & Geoffrey Yeh Meou Tsen K L Man Z Purton 1400 4 060-040
2013-05-11 GREAT RENOWN K359 Richard Gibson Trainer Syndicate (T1) R Gibson O Doleuze 1400 4 060-040
2014-05-10 FAIR WIND P349 The Executors of the Estate of the late Deacon Chiu Te Ken K L Man D Whyte 1200 4 060-040
2015-05-09 ROUGE ET BLANC S353 Mr & Mrs Ronald Lo Yeung Chun C S Shum z Purton 2000 4 060-040
2016-05-07 MY LITTLE FRIEND S010 Justin Yue Kwok Hung & Jeremy Yue Chun Hay T P Yung K Teetan 1000 2 105-080
2017-05-13 WINNER’S WAY A025 Peter Young Wai Po & Dr Arthur Leung Shing Tat A S Cruz z Purton 1400 1 110-90
2018-05-06 GOOD CHOICE AHEAD V329 Henry Lee Hin Moh Ho L M F Poon 1600 5 39
2019-05-05 DOCTORS DELIGHT A044 Dr John Poon Cho Ming, Dr Law Chiu Fung & Dr Tsang Wing Chiu K H Ting K C Leung 1600 5 30





The cup has been run in race-meeting on Chairmen‘s Day.


Races on that day are named after former Chairmen of the Club.


Those Cups after presentation ceremonies are retained by HKJC on permanent display at the Racecourse.


The winning owners of those cup races will each receive a silver dish to keep as a memento.





1992-05-17 onwards, the cup races have been held in Sha Tin Turf track.


Distance has been various from 1000 to1600 meter.


Horses participated has been various from Class 2 to 5





Most Successful Jockeys: Z Puton (3 times) K L Chui, D Whyte (each twice)


Most Successful Trainers: K L Man (3 times)





Horses owned by Sir Gordon & Lady Macwhinnie



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