Lusitano Cup


Legacy Of Portugal


Lusitano, after the word Lusitania, was the ancient Roman province name for Portugal.



Races Of Racy


1863, the first Lusitano Cup race was held at Happy Valley.


1866, when the Club Lusitano was founded, it was renamed as the Lusitano Challenge Cup.


1874, the race of Lusitano Cup was won by GRASSHOPPER.





The Lusitano Cup is symbolic of the Portuguese Community’s long association with racing in Hong Kong.


Thereafter the cup was presented annually until World War II when it was lost.


1956/57 season, the present Challenge Cup was made in Lisboa.


It has since been presented annually by the Club Lusitano Chairman or Honorary Secretary to the winning owner.





Race Horse Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Loca. Track Dist. Time
1980-02-23 AM133 PUBLIC ADMIRATION R Staples Cheung H.M. W Y Hsu ST GRASS 2450 2.36.90
1981-03-28 AM085 QU’APPELLE C S Shum Au K.H. Dr Kimber Fan Park Cheng ST GRASS 1400 1.25.20
1982-05-15 AM188 GREAT WONDER W Hood Collingwood E. Wong Chung Hin ST GRASS 1400 1.24.50
1983-05-28 AS056 CONSPICUOUS RISE K S Wong Carr F. Li Fook Shiu HV SAND 1400 1.29.50
1984-03-31 AT091 HARVEST TIME A S Cruz Wong T.P. Mr & Mrs Yeung Kan Shue HV GRASS 0975 0.57.90
1985-03-02 AT090 GREAT SPEED W Woods Kent D. Sydney Leong Siu Wing ST GRASS 2200 2.19.30
1986-01-19 AV100 HEAVENLY MASTER T C C Chan Au K.H. Cheung Yiu Wing ST GRASS 1400 1.25.00
1987-02-04 BB066 ROMANTIC FUTURE A S Cruz Ng C.L. Ten Pros Syndicate HV GRASS 1235 1.14.30
1988-02-24 BB117 JOYFUL UNION K L Tsui Chan A. Wing Tung Fat Syndicate HV GRASS 1650 1.42.20
1989-02-11 BD094 KOWLOON WAY D Brereton Hill D. Kowloon Club Syndicate HV TURF 0975 0.58.60
1990-02-10 BE091 NEVER SAY TIRED L T Leung Lo K.C. Natalis Chan Pak Cheung ST GRASS 1600 1.36.70
1991-02-20 BG267 SPLENDID CHANCE D Lee Kam K.T. Wong Yen Kong & Frank Kung Ching Fan HV TURF 1235 1.14.90
1992-02-15 BH091 ENDEAVOUR D Brereton Lane G. Sir Gordon & Lady Machwhinnie ST TURF 1600 1.37.70
1993-02-13 BH225 SPIRITS BAY D Beadman Hutchison B. Michael Ngai Mou Hing ST TURF 1800 1.50.60
1994-02-05 BL105 SMILING K S Lam Ng B.K. Peter Mok Shau Chuen ST TURF 1800 1.50.20
1995-02-11 BH186 QUEST FOR GOLD M Kinane Oughton D. Mr & Mrs Evans C Lowe & Eric C Lowe ST TURF 2000 2.03.70
1996-02-11 BM165 CITILUCK B Marcus Allan I.W. Chan Hwa Hing ST TURF 2000 2.04.30
1997-02-19 BK184 FUKIEN BOY P Robinson Lane G. Kwok Ying Chuen HV TURF 1000 0.58.50
1998-02-18 BN169 BEIJING STAR E Legrix Biancone P.L. Anthony Wu Ting Yuk ST AWT 1150 1.07.30
1999-02-03 BP034 MEDIC PEARL E Saint-Martin Cruz A.S. Medicore Syndicate ST TURF 1600 1.34.30
2000-05-27 T233 HIGH SPIRITS F Coetzee Cruz A.S. Mr & Mrs Julian Hui Chun Hang ST TURF 2000 2.02.90
2001-05-06 V263 V-CAN R Fradd Ng T.K. Brand Name Syndicate ST TURF 1400 1.22.00
2002-04-27 V005 CENTURY STAR S Dye Size J. Yip Kwok Wai ST AWT 1650 1.40.50
2003-05-04 A175 SENSIBLE WAY C Williams Allan I.W. Mr & Mrs John Wan Hak Chung ST TURF 1400 1.24.00
2004-04-11 C067 HEALTHY WEALTHY S K Sit Woods S. Mak Yun Chak ST TURF 1800 1.49.40
2005-04-16 C204 SUN POWER F Coetzee Cruz A.S. Cheung Tin Chai ST AWT 1200 1.09.10
2006-06-10 D128 OUR JET C W Wong Shum C.S. Happy Fellows Syndicate ST AWT 1200 1.10.10
2007-04-14 G288 HE CAN TANGO O Doleuze O’Sullivan P. Kwok Chun Wai ST TURF 1200 1.09.20
2008-04-12 G201 HOLI RAVIOLI F Coetzee Size J. Sanjeev Tikam Mahtani ST TURF 1000 0.56.70
2009-03-28 G006 BEST POWER K C Leung Man K.L. Ringo Poon Wai Man ST TURF 1800 1.49.49
2010-04-04 K191 SAPELLI D Whyte Size J. Albert Chan Koon Sang ST TURF 1800 1.48.58
2011-04-17 M135 BEST FIT M Chadwick Cruz A.S. David Ho Chi Hoo HV TURF 1200 1.11.79
2012-04-09 L140 PANTHER RUN Y T Cheng Ng B.K. Felicia Kathy Louey ST TURF 1800 1.48.73
2013-06-02 N244 KING’S PACT H W Lai Shum C. S. Vincent Leung Man Him ST TURF 1600 1.35.10
2014-04-21 P087 ACCESS YEARS J Moreira J Size Yap Man Shao ST AWT 1200 1.08.47
2015-04-12 T100 OUTLAWED H N Wong P F Yiu Mr & Mrs Cheung Hing Loi ST Turf 1400 1.21.83
2016-03-28 T134 JOYFUL MOMENT Z Purton R Gibson Raymond Chow Wai Kam & Lau Wing Sang ST Turf 1400 1.21.74
2017-03-26 A136 WHAT ELSE BUT YOU K Teetan J Size Vicky Tang ST Turf 1600 1.34.92
2019-03-10 B173 RAGING STORM J Moreira J Size Hayden Pong Hei Ting ST Turf 1400 1.22.13
2018-03-03 V181 KING GENKI M F Poon A S Cruz Chu Nin Yiu ST AWT 1650 1.38.80





Lusitania (Portuguese: Lusitânia) was an ancient Roman province including approximately all of modern Portugal south of the Douro river and part of modern Spain (the present autonomous community of Extremadura and a small part of the province of Salamanca).


It was named after the Lusitani or Lusitanian people (an Indo-European people).


It was initially part of the Roman Republic province of Hispania Ulterior, before becoming a province of its own in the Roman Empire.


Romans first came to the territory around the mid 2nd century BC.


A war with Lusitanian tribes followed, from 155 to 139 BC. In 27 BC, the province was created.






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