Lok Sin Tong Cup


Benevolent Society


Lok Sin Tong has been one of the oldest charitable organisations in Hong Kong.


In the mid 18th Century, people in Kowloon City customarily conducted their trading businesses at the market located near the Lun Jin Pier. To ensure a fair trade, all goods had to be weighted by a designated scale before any deal was made. Fee was charged for this particular service.


A group of local Chinese, who managed this scale, then made use of the collected money for charitable purposes, such as providing free medical consultation to the needy and burial services to the poor dead with no charges. It was, not until 1880, a charitable organization officially established and given a name as The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon.


With its long-standing commitment to serve the community, the Society has striven its excellency in offering quality medical, educational as well as elderly care services, and actively participating in various charity, community and educational activities over the years.



Charitable Trophy


2000-03-08, the Lok Sin Tong presented a one-off Cup to commemorate its 120th anniversary in 1999/2000 season:




2003-03-26 onwards, the Cup has become a perpetual one and has been competed for annually.





Date R_no Index Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Track Distance Race Time
2000-03-08 06 412 ZABETTE V031 Frances Po T K Ng J Quinn TURF 1600 1.36.40
2001-02-07 06 368 DANEFACTOR A006 Adam Bin Hassan P C Kan G Mosse TURF 1800 1.48.90
2002-03-24 07 463 DARWIN A068 Ted Mok Tat Hung J Size S Dye AWT 1800 1.51.80
2003-03-26 07 487 SOUNDS BETTER C104 Yeung Kin Shan L Ho A Marcus TURF 1200 1.10.50
2004-03-24 06 490 SPARKY T125 Gilbert Chan Kam Shing C Fownes O Doleuze AWT 1200 1.09.70
2005-03-16 07 471 TCHAIKOVSKY E030 Sidney Chiu D A Hayes G Mosse TURF 1200 1.10.20
2006-03-29 06 495 JOLLY GOOD FORTUNE D274 Tang Shu Chun, Tang Chan Shui Kuen & Michael Tang Hon Chau C S Shum C W Wong AWT 1200 1.09.10
2007-01-31 05 352 BYRON D275 Lu Tseng Chi & Antonia Hugh J Size D Whyte AWT 1200 1.09.10
2008-03-12 07 462 TOP HONOR E183 Mr & Mrs Lai Wai Chi A Lee G Mosse AWT 1650 1.39.20
2009-03-04 05 439 ACHILLES OF TROY J190 Didier Li Kwok Wai, The Hon Ronald Arculli, Ronald Abram & Mahabir Mohindar C Fownes O Doleuze AWT 1200 1.09.55
2010-03-28 07 492 HAPPY REUNION K163 Specific Syndicate P F Yiu B Prebble TURF 1200 1.09.84
2011-03-06 09 449 RICH UNICORN L410 Richard Li Chi Cheung J Size D Whyte TURF 1200 1.09.52
2012-01-08 08 303 VINTAGE HUSSLER L266 Wong Siu Wah T K Ng M L Yeung TURF 1000 0.56.91
2013-01-20 05 328 SMART MAN P103 Ming Shui Sum & Ming Yiu Tim J Moore T Clark TURF 1200 1.10.10
2014-01-05 06 302 MALAYAN PEARL N416 Chan Wai Nam & Ian Chan Yau Nam D Cruz U Rispoli TURF 1800 1.49.22
2015-01-18 07 325 TOP ACT P435 Bonnie Chan Yiting, Anthony Derek Lai Shu Yan, Ricky Choy Wing Kay & Dominic Lee Kan Nam A T Millard M Guyon TURF 1800 1.48.24
2016-01-17 05 332 EASTERN EXPRESS T192 Larry Yung Chi Kin J Size K Teetan TURF 1800 1.48.06
2017-02-19 06 431 BEST EFFORT T220 Poon Tit Man A Lee M L Yeung TURF 1800 1.48.05
2018-01-21 06 360 CALIFORNIA FORTUNE A415 Lucy Lu Kai Yee A S Cruz M Chadwick TURF 1200 1.09.42
2019-01-06 06 317 GOLDEN FOUR B225 Lau Chi Kit, Tony Lee, Kevin Law Hau Wai & John Lo Wah Shing C W Chang U Rispoli TURF 1400 1.22.42





Racing distances have been set from 1000 to 1800 meter.


Racing grounds have been set either on Turf or All Weather Track


2000-03-08 onwards, the cup races have been held in Sha Tin.





Most Successful Jockey:
Gerald Mosse (3 times: 2001, 2004, 2008)


Most Successful Trainer:
J Size (4 times: 2002, 2007, 2011, 2016)






Lok Sin Tong Cup- video showcase
Lok Sin Tong Cup- photo gallery


Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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