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Mr Lo Sui-lam (or named as Lo Shui-lam) was the first jockey after WWII having a fatal accident during the race.

He was a graduate of Wah Yan College, then became a well-known businessman.

He rode before the war though only raced a few times.

He owned several horses and was very enthusiastic in the sport.

Being a novice jockey, he was 33 years of age by the time he was killed.





1941, Mr Lo got married.and lived in 33 A, San Kwong Road, Happy Valley.

1948-03-14 《Hong Kong Sunday Herald》published a head-line of Biggest Dividend Paid By AMIGO $405.70, owned by Lo Sui-lam., ridden by Castro.

1948-10-13 Page5 《Overseas Chinese Daily News》《Wah Kiu Yat Po》reported a hearsay of Mr Lo Sui-lam,got the largest share in first prize of the Sweep-stake.





1948-11-06 Race 2, produced one of the worst collisions in the history of Hong Kong racing.

Lo was riding his own pony AMIGO in the Waglan Handicap first section, at the Ninth Extra Meeting.

He was following closely upon FLYING TIGER (Mr B. L. Tao) when the latter stumbled and fell.

AMIGO crashed into the fallen pony and came down, and MARBER (Mr R. A. Castro) added further to the distressing pile.

Later in the same race Mr J. C. Fonseca on CARE FREE broke a stirrup and was unseated.

The accident, involving four ponies, happened at the Rock, and resulted in serious injuries being received by Mr. Lo and Mr. B. L. Tao.

The other two jockeys, J. C. Fonseca and R.A. Castro, escaped unhurt.

Messrs. Lo and Tao were immediately carried to the Jockeys’ Room where first aid was rendered.

Mr. Lo was later taken to Room 401 of Queen Mary Hospital in an ambulance.

Mr. Tao, injured his shoulder had to give up racing for the rest of the afternoon.

6:30 p. m. Lo Sui-lam died at Queen Mary Hospital in that evening.

He suffered a fractured skull and never regained consciousness.





Lo Sui-lam, a polite and kind hearted gentleman.

Mr. Lo leaves a wife, a son aged five years, and a three-month-old daughter.

Sadly, a host of friends, paid tribute and mourned his premature death.





Lo Sui-lam‘s uncle was the wealthy merchant Lo Hung-tong.

Sui-lam was a member of the Lo family, a brother of Dr. Lo Shui-san who had a clinic in Wang Hing Building.

He was the warehouse manager of Tacksen Company in the same building.

He was also the Rental Manager of On Hing Company.

Before his death, he became the Vice President and gave a speech at the founding assembly of the Chinese Warehouse Association.



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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