LIANG, Sai-yen


– Sterling Qualities –


Liang Sai-yen, the popular HKJC qualified Chinese jockey.
He was also a Steward of the Macao Jockey Club and a regular active participant.
He was the sixth son of the Qing Dynasty Ambassador Liang Sing,
Liang Sai-yen‘s younger brother was Liang Sai Wa, the former Inspector of the Education Department.
He also was the uncle of Kenneth Liang Kin Man (Mr First) who was a Racing journalist and commentator and in the 1990s the CEO and Steward of Macau Jockey Club.



– The Incident –


1937-04-10, there were a few mishaps during the the Third Extra Meeting:
Race 7, Liang on SOLDIER OF CHINA had minor accident, but nothing serious.
Race 9, Liang Sai-yen, had a horrified fall during the last race.
Riding TABBY CAT at the time of the accident, he was thrown heavily in the back stretch nearing the Black Rock.
He was picked up in so serious a condition that it was deemed necessary to remove him immediately to the hospital.


1937-04-13 HKJC issued the following statement:—
“Enquiry was made by a quorum at Stewards at the Race Course on Saturday the 10th instant, into the circumstances of the accident to Mr. Liang Sai-yen which occurred during the last race of the day.
From the evidence given by other Riders in the race it appears that Mr. Liang’s mount “TABBY CAT” fell through galloping on to the pony immediately ahead of him, viz “HAPPY VENTURE “

The enquiry will be resumed when Mr. Liang has recovered sufficiently to attend.



– The Fatality –


Liang’s condition in Hong Kong Sanatorium was regarded as critical, but hope was held out at one time for his recovery.
1937-04-17 Hong Kong Daily Press reported that Liang was progressing as favorably as could be expected but would be confined to his bed for some time to come.
1937-04-23 at 1.35 p.m. Liang Sai-yen passed away, as the first record of racing fatality in Hong Kong.
1937-04-24 HKJC notified that the Fourth Extra Race Meeting was decided to abandon, owing to Liang’s regretted death.
A gloom was cast over local racing circles when the death was announced.



– The Funeral –


1937-04-25 in front of the hearse, a photograph of the noted jockey was borne in a car.
2 p.m. the cortege started and the procession left the Hong Kong Sanatorium, Happy Valley.
3 p.m. arriving at the Wing Pit Ting, Pokfulam, at where last respects were paid.


Among those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Pearce, Lieut. Colonel H. B. L. Dowbiggin, the Hon. Mr. M. T. Johnson, Major Hogg, Dr. Reidy, Dr. S. To-wong, Messrs, S. A. Sleap, Li Sze-fong, Ho Kwong, T. M. Gregory, D. Black, I.C. Harris, H. A. Botelho, P. P. Botelho, N. Deitz, W. Poy, W. Choy, H, Choy, P. H. M. Pih, K. Y. Ip, B. Proulx, H. V. Pearce, A. Bower, T. Manning, Dr. S. N. Chau, Commander Nowill, Messrs Y. P. Law, Ralph, B. A. Hyder, P. Tester, A. H. Potts, L. A. Tobias, Charles M S Alves, Anthony A Alves, H. A. Lammert, E. Souza, L. A. Lopes, Bob Charles, W. Chanson, Hing Sing-lo, Lo Wing-kit, Luk Ding-cheong and Chau Sui-ng.



– The Remembrance –


Liang, of a quiet and unassuming disposition, was one of the most popular members of HKJC.
He was always esteemed as a rider in whom those sterling characteristics of fairness and sincerity were strikingly manifested in all his many performances.
Liang was one of the most familiar figures in the race-course and for the past few years.
He regularly donned the red, dark-green and black colors of the Lan stable.
1935-03-09, race-goers would remember his fine win on Mr Lan‘s COSSACK’S BEAUTY when Liang paid his backers $238.9 for their $5 bet.
In addition to this Mr. Liang had many successes to his credit, the deep sympathy of a large number of friends is extended to members of his family.





Mr. Liang Sai-yen‘s accident was the first recorded racing fatality in Hong Kong Racing history.





LI Lan Sang



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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