LI Lan Sang

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  1. woodyleung says:

    1936年 李蘭生 匹 譯名: 科拿士搖(Forest View), 麥利非巨搖(Magniicie View)

  2. woodyleung says:

    FEB,1940, Li Lan Sang’s FAR VIEW, got 3 wins in 3 race meetings within 8 days.

  3. WrenSo says:

    1951-05-12 Derby, GOLD MEDAL (Promoted From 2nd To 1st) due to the protest by Mr Lan‘s GRAND VIEW

  4. WrenSo says:

    李蘭生的“景”系, 命名法則創中國人大馬主先河

  5. e70536 says:

    Li Lan Sang and Jockey-trainer Allan Chan are relatives.

  6. e70536 says:


  7. rewon says:

    1933, Li Lan Sang`s DARIEN won a 5 furlong sprint by jockey G A Harriman.

  8. rewon says:


  9. hoof hoof says:

    1940 Kowloon Dairy founded with only 30 employees and milk sold through narrow distribution channel.

  10. hoof hoof says:

    一九三五年十月十二日,廣東讓賽 李蘭生之平景由梁世恩騎, 以十個位勝出

  11. yuenmc says:

    李蘭生全盛時期, 單單一次賽日就有超過十匹出賽
    以1936年2月22日賽事為例, 就包括Mountain View, Forest View, Splendid View, Harvest View, Plain View, Night View, Valley View, Ocean View, Glorious View, Cossack’s Beauty及Bright View出賽, 其中一場更出賽四匹

    • aheadq says:

      中文報紙翻譯李蘭生為: 科拿士搖(36,Forest View) 麥利非巨搖(36,Magniicie View) 士布蘭地搖(36, Splendid View) 哥羅尼亞士搖( 36,Glorious View)

  12. 紅牌生老瑞麟在賽墮馬致死!

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