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Geoff Lane has always been a favorite jockey in Australia and then in Hong Kong.
His positive image was maintained to the period while his mounts were not as much as before.
His excellence in the saddle was widely recognized especially upon his rides on FANTAN.
In the mid 70’s, their performances were recurring topics of conversation in town.
After Geoff’s jockey career, he became Deputy Starter, Instructor, Stipendiary Steward and finally Trainer of HKJC.






2005-07-01, many of the owners he had ridden for then moved their horses to him right after his stable was set up.
Mr & Mrs Rusy and Purviz Shroff for whom Geoff made ROYAL PRINCE’s inaugural win when trained by Gordon Smyth, the couple’s ROYAL ponies were delivered to Lane’s stable first.
Among Gordon’s winners were Geoff, mounting on ROYAL PRINCE and ROYAL SOVEREIGN.
Mr J L klioo sent Geoff his SUPER EXERCISE and TOP EXERCISE.
George Khoo sent his CAMBRIDGE BLUE, as Geoff used to ride his CAMBRIDGE BOY – one of the top sprinters after the FANTAN era.


Geoff Lane received horses from many of Gordon Smyth‘s owners due to their impressive records of partnership .
He also kept much of Gordon’s Staff, including his Assistant Trainer Ricky Yiu and his Stable Head Yu Wing Kwai and his team mates.
Geoff understood and followed Chinese rituals and customs for all his staff, held in the stable.
Geoff well awared of what was required, as well as not required and practised friendly and sensibly.
He used to have constructive straight-talking to riding boys and mafoos if a job was not done to satisfaction.
He had an outstanding advantage, knowing the Hong Kong scene so well after years of career in HKJC.





Season —– Wins —– Total Stakes
1988-1989 — 20 — $4,690,760
1989-1990 — 22 — $6,635,120
1990-1991 — 22 — $7,006,335
1991-1992 — 26 — $10,332,125
1992-1993 — 27 — $8,735,575
1993-1994 — 30 — $12,172,238
1994-1995 — 16 — $9,035,300
1995-1996 — 26 — $15,619,027
1996-1997 — 15 — $11,678,925
1997-1998 — 19 — $12,807,197.50
1998-1999 — 16 — $11,939,765.50
1999-2000 — 25 — $14,592,282.17
2000-2001 — 34 — $20,356,400
2001-2002 — 21 — $18,826,050
2002-2003 — 17 — $13,959,635
2003-2004 — 13 — $8,479,200


16 seasons as trainer
349 winners saddled
Total Pize Money won HK$186,865,934.67


Victories of Trophy races including:


1988-11-26 C K Tse PRIDE OF HONG KONG – Panasonic Cup
1989-09-16 P H Chan FOREVER GOLDKwangtung Handicap
1991-12-18 Brereton D LET IT RIDE – Ladies’ Purse
1992-02-15 D Brereton ENDEAVOUR – Lucitano Cup
1992-03-28 D Brereton ENDEAVOUR – ATV Cup
1992-04-25 C K Tse FORTUNE DUKE – Chaumet Trophee
1994-02-19 C K Tse FORTUNE DUKE – Lane Crawford Cup
1994-05-28 O’Sullivan FORTUNE DUKE – Queen Mother‘s Cup
1994-05-28 M Clarke HEAVILY ARMED – Pearce Memorial Challenge Cup
1995-01-21 D Holland MAGIC JOY – Ewo Cup
1997-02-19 P Robinson FUKIEN BOY – Lucitano Cup





1988-09-17, as trainer, his first raced and winning horse was MORNING PATROL transferred from Smyth Stable and ridden by Peter Leyshan.
2004-06-12, Geoff’s last winner as a trainer was PRETTY TRIO, owners Sammy Ma & Raymond Tse, Jockey O Doleuze.
2004-06-20, Geoff retired as HKJC trainer because of the retirement age of 65.
He was pleased to pass the target of his last season, having a good start and good finale.


Geoff remarked that MORNING PATROL got him a special victory.
It was his first horse entering his first race and landing his first winning for a good starting as trainer.
Peter Leyshan left after the first season and came Danny Brereton for the next three years.
Lots of trophies winners were saddled though lacking a Derby triumph.
ENDEAVOUR was another remarkable horse, having five victories in one season started from Class 4.





Before apprentice jockeys leave Beas River to take up their indentures with various trainers they had to put through their paces by Geoff first.
Only when Geoff satisfied, the apprentice could be forwarded to the next step and be actively assigned to a stable to ride work and in races.
Initially over a period of a month the boys leave Beas River every morning in alternating batches of 7 and meet Geoff at the Sha Tin stables at 6a.m.
There he put them through their paces, legged up on horses no longer in training:
first trotting and cantering in the small inner paddock and then the gallop at full stretch in the inside training track.


2005, he moved to Macau where he continued training for another 4 years.





Geoff Lane inducted to Hall Of Fame
Australian Racing Hall of Fame – Wikipedia
LANE, Geoffrey Stanislaus – RacingMemories.HK



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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