Lam K S Francis (apprentice jockey)

One Of Our Brightest Young Stars





1990s, Francis K S Lam, was praised as the brightest young star in Hong Kong horse racing.





1994-04-24, Lam had fought for his life for a fortnight after being involved in a head-on car crash in the Aberdeen tunnel in the early hours.
The talented apprentice was a passenger in a car which collided with an oncoming truck.
Peter Ng Bik-kuen, Lam’s trainer, treated him like a son, nurturing his career.
Ng was only too aware of the special talent he had discovered in his apprentice.
Mr Bill Tung, the renowned commentator visited Lam as a support.





Y-M-D_R. Jockey Horse Trainer Fie Cl Dist Cou Time Race
1993-10-06_6 Lam K S CAPTAIN RON Ng B K 8 3 1600 hv-A 1.37.4 Cl 3 Hdc
1993-10-09_3 Lam K S NAMJONG Ng B K 13 3 1200 ST-g 1.10.3 Cl 3 Hdc
1993-10-31_6 Lam K S RENOWNED GIFT Kam K T 14 5 1400 ST-g 1.24.9 Cl 5 Hdc
1993-11-10_4 Lam K S GREY LINNET Ng B K 12 3 1800 hv-t 1.50.7 Cl 3 Hdc
1993-11-20_2 Lam K S AUTO FOCUS Lam H F 13 5 1000 ST-g 0.59.2 Cl 5 Hdc
1993-11-24_2 Lam K S BOLD BIDDER Lam H F 10 5 1600 hv-A 1.40.4 Cl 5 Hdc
1993-12-04_4 Lam K S GREY LINNET Ng B K 10 2/3 2400 hv-t 2.30.9 Po Leung Kuk Centenary Cup
1993-12-08_4 Lam K S TOTAL SUCCESS Cruz D 9 4 1800 hv-t 1.51.7 Cl 4 Hdc
1993-12-15_1 Lam K S IBIS Lane G 10 6 1600 hv-A 1.39.0 Cl 6 Hdc
1994-01-01_9 Lam K S NAMJONG Ng B K 14 1/2 1200 ST-g 1.10.4 Cl 1-2 Hdc
1994-01-08_6 Lam K S SPEEDSTAR Ng B K 8 2 1000 ST-g 0.58.0 Hong Kong Club Challenge Cup
1994-01-08_9 Lam K S GOLD CAPTURE Ng B K 14 3 1900 ST-g 1.58.4 Cl 3 Hdc
1994-01-26_2 Lam K S FORTUNE COLLECT Kam K T 8 6 1400 hv-A 1.25.4 Cl 6 Hdc
1994-02-05_5 Lam K S SMILING Ng B K 11 1/2 1800 ST-g 1.50.2 The Lusitano Challenge Cup
1994-02-19_5 Lam K S MAGIC JOY Begg N 14 3 1400 ST-g 1.25.6 Cl 3 Hdc
1994-02-19_6 Lam K S AUTO FOCUS Lam H F 12 4 1200 ST-g 1.13.2 Cl 4 Hdc






Lam had ridden 16 winners that season and was the best young rider to emerge from the local ranks since Tony Cruz burst on to the scene in the mid-1970s.
Such was his prowess in the saddle that top international trainers had been fighting for his services that summer.





1994-05-07, Francis K S Lam, the brightest young star in Hong Kong horse racing, passed away at aged 20.
He passed away after fortnight in coma.
The normally stoical Mr Ng had to choke back the emotion as he faced the press about Lam’s death.
“He was just a good kid, a bloody. good kid,” he said.
The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club contacted Lam’s parents to see how it can help the family.
Philip Johnston, the club’s director of racing, was at Lam’s bedside earlier.
Surgeon and Honorary Steward, Professor Harry Fang was there too.
Major General Guy Watkins, the club’s chief executive,said:
“It is a desperately sad day for his family and for racing. He was a very fine rider and a very fine young man. We will be talking to his family as soon as we can.”
Lam’s death added a mournful air to what was normally an upbeat Chairman’s Prize day at Sha Tin.





1994-06-05_1 The Francis K S Lam Memorial Handicap was held by HKJC.






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Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah; Mr Peter Yuen for relevant content.








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