LAING, Douglas Dr. (1902-1999)

LAING, Douglas Dr. (1902-1999)


Dr Douglas Laing was an ENT surgeon in HK and prominent icon in the HKJC.


He used to say, “I have been involved with horses since as long as I can remember.”


Happy Philanthropist And Medical Practitioner


He was the son of Robert Kenneth Laing (Leung Kam Ming) (1876-08-09 — 1949-02-28) and his wife Mary (nee Jordon) (Yu Che) (1877-07-19 — 1958-02-17).


1902, Douglas was born and named as “LEUNG Kwok Cham”.


1920, he enrolled as an MBBS at the HKU, furthered in otorhinolaryngology.


1920-04-29, he changed his name to Douglas Laing.


1934, serving a few years for HKU and then the Government, he began to private practice.


1941, WWII, served in the Royal Army Medical Corp in India.


1945, age 43, marriage of Douglas to Norah Laing.


1948, he returned to private practice in Hong Kong again.


1959, with his first donation to HKU, he established the Digby Memorial Fund to provide scholarships and gold medals to outstanding medical students.


1996, after having served as an honorary clinical lecturer in otorhinolaryngology for over 18 years, he retired almost a half-century practice.


1999, age 97, Dr Laing passed away.







Prominent Member, Owner, Honorable Steward


1918-02-26, Douglas, age 16, played truant and went to the 2nd day of the Annual Race Meeting but caught by the Happy valley Great fire with a narrow escape.


1928, Douglas joined HKJC as member.


1931, he became a horse owner, started with a Chinese pony TOTAL LOSS, of which it never won as its name.


1936, ELECTRON was owned by J.E.D., a racing name for Dr John W. Coote & Ernest Ho of Anderson and Partners and Dr Douglas Laing, by their initials.


1939, STARLET, owned in partnership with Dick Lopes, won at the record-breaking odds of over 600/1.


1947, his first horse after the war, LADDIE, won a few races in Classes 7 and 8.


1948, started calling his horses “Gay” as prefix.


“Now, of course, the word ‘GAY’ has rather lost its happy meaning. But I like to keep the continuity of the prefix going.” Dr Laing said.


1950, his first trophy won by GAY MINX won at 50/1.
The trainer, Belov thought the horse should only run short distance before the race, but Dr Douglas Laing and jockey, Kenneth Kwok thought it would have a better performance in longer distance, then they made it an entry to the 2 miles race.


1961, he was appointed as Steward of RHKJC.


1984, Dr Laing was made an Honorary Steward of RHKJC.





More than 40 horses were owned by him over 50 years.


Remarkable Horses with owner “Dr Douglas Laing


GAY NINETIES (Oughton 97-98) GAY CENTURION (Oughton 94-95) GAY PEGASUS II (Oughton 92-93) HIGHLAND LADDIE(Oughton 90-91)
GAY NINETIES (K C Lo 88-89) GAY CENTENNIAL (Oughton 84-85) GAY EIGHTIES (Cheng 82-83) GAY DRAGON (Cheng 81-82) GAY PRINCE (Cheng 80-81)
GAY PEGASUS (Cheng 76-77) GAY MELKODY (Sofronoff 75-76) GAY KNIGHT (Sofronoff 74-75) GAY LEADER (Sofronoff 72-73) GAY HUNTER (Sofronoff 71-72)
GAY LESSIE (Belov 70-71) GAY APOLLO (Belov 69-70) GAY SOLDIER (Belov 67-68) GAY MINX II (Belov 64-65) GAY EMPEROR (Belov 59-60)
GAY BIRTHDAY (Belov 56-57) GAY KING (Belov 55-56) GAY WORRIER (Belov 54-55) GAY MINX (Belov 49-50)



Winning Trainers:


N.Belov, C L Ng, G Sofronoff, B Brown, T C Cheng, K C Lo, D Oughton



Winning Jockeys:


K Kwok, T C Cheng, J Mercer, B Taylor, E Hide, G Moore, A S Cruz


Statistic records verified from different sources so far for winners of Dr Douglas Laing:

1936-03-28_06 — 1996-05-25_04 = 82 Please click here for detail listing.




Dr. Laing won great distinction as a medical practitioner, writing learned papers on his specialty, and contributing greatly to the development of the medical profession in Hong Kong.


Daughters: Ms Rosemary Hamilton and Ms Evelyn Fergusson






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Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah; Mr Peter Yuen; and Mr Donald Tsai; HKJC Archives; Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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