Ladies’ Purse

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  1. aheadq says:

    In Shanghai 1850 autumn records, among a day of seven races was the Ladies’ Purse!

  2. aheadq says:


  3. hoof hoof says:

    In 1791, Pot-8-Os (the best son of Eclipse), won the Ladies’ Purse at York.

  4. hoof hoof says:


  5. cellrico says:

    1984-02-08 Ladies’ Purse was the last trophy won by Philippe Paquet ridding T C Cheng‘s SKY INN.

  6. cellrico says:

    1977-03-05 方敏生出任婦女銀袋賽嘉賓.頒獎..紅星 騎師譚文就

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  8. circlelo says:

    1951, Again only one record was broken in 1951. Mr Field’s Chesterfield (Mr Holgate) went Once Round in the Ladies’ Purse in 1.34. But this minor feat had some historical importance. It was the last Once Round race run at the Valley. Except for the extension in 1941, the Ladies’ Purse had been a Once Round journey since it was first contested in 1848.

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