Ladies’ Purse

Ladies' Purse


A Historic Legacy


1848-02-03 Race 4, the 3rd day of the Annual Race meeting, on Thursday, a pony named BEAUTY was fittingly the first winner of the inaugural Ladies’ Purse.
No records of owner and rider can be found.
Value was $50, for all ponies who had run at that meeting.
Winners during the first two days to be handicapped by the Stewards — Once round — Entrance $1 each — Weight 9 stone.


The Ladies’ Purse race has a tradition earlier than the Chater Cup or Hong Kong derby.


It can be traced back to 36 years before the formation of The Hong Kong Jockey Club.




The Most Romantic Racing Tradition


1849-01-17 the first Ladies’ Purse race with officially result with winner recorded, of which the trophy race has been kept running.


1852 to1857, THE SHEIK won 5 Ladies’ Purse races, only missed in 1854.


1994 onwards, HKJC had invited renowned overseas lady jockeys to race for the event.


Recently, such invitation has not been continued due to the availability of female riders.





Ladies’ Purse List of Winners in Recent years


Race Date Class Dist. Horse Trainer Jockey
1981-02-07 3 1650 SEA CORAL Ward A. Andrews B.
1982-03-10 4 2000 SPORTING CHANCE Moore G. Moore G.W.
1983-02-23 6 1575 RICE BOWL Smyth G. Rouse B.
1984-02-08 3 1800 SKY INN Cheng T.C. Paquet P.
1985-04-03 4&5 2100 RONDO KING Ward A. Lau C.H.
1985-12-28 5 1800 SKY BOUND Fownes L. Brosnan D.
1987-03-18 4 1235 PASTIME Moore J. Williams N.
1987-12-30 3 1650 TIM’S BILLION Oughton D. Brereton D.
1988-12-28 3 1650 JETSO Cheung H.M. Waldron P.
1990-03-14 2&3 2230 FIRE WIND Fownes L. Woods W.
1990-12-19 3 1030 CELESTIAL PARK Fownes L. Tse C.K.
1991-12-18 3 1400 LET IT RIDE Lane G. Brereton D.
1992-12-23 1&2 1650 NOBLE DANCER Biancone P.L. Mosse G.
1994-01-12 2 1800 CROWN COMMANDER Fownes L. Mosse G.
1994-10-15 1&2 1800 MISS PIGGY Wong T.P. Yim H.K.
1995-10-14 1&2 1900 DEAUVILLE Biancone P.L. Legrix E.
1996-11-16 1 1800 CHINA CRUISE Fownes L. Woods W.
1997-11-15 1 1800 FOREST SPRING Biancone P.L. Fradd R.
1998-11-14 1 1800 MULTI-STAR Yiu P.F. Boss G.
1999-11-13 1&2 1400 MADE TO FIGURE Oughton D. Whyte D.
2000-11-12 1 1400 PEAK POWER Hill D. Saint Martin E
2001-11-18 1 1400 PRIME WITNESS Hayes D.A. Dunn D.
2002-11-10 1 1600 HOUSEMASTER Allan I.W. Marwing W.C.
2003-11-02 P 1200 CHEERFUL FORTUNE Leung T.W. Williams C.
2004-10-17 1 1800 RUSSIAN PEARL Cruz A.S. Coetzee F.
2005-10-16 1 1800 WILLIE DETROY Cruz A.S. Coetzee F.
2006-10-15 1 1800 HELLO PRETTY Cruz A.S. Prebble B.
2007-10-14 1 1800 VIVA MACAU Moore J. Beadman D.
2008-10-12 1 1800 VIVA MACAU Moore J. Purton Z.
2009-10-11 1 1800 IRON FIST Millard A.T. Cheyne G.
2010-10-17 1 1800 VAUGIRARD Hall D.J. Prebble B.
2011-10-16 HKG3 1800 JACOBEE Moore J. Clark T.
2012-10-14 HKG3 1800 PACKING WHIZ Moore J. Prebble B.
2013-11-03 HKG3 1800 ENDOWING Size J. Angland T.
2014-11-09 HKG3 1800 PACKING LLAREGYB A Schutz M Demuro
2015-11-08 HKG3 1800 TOP ACT A T Millard R Fourie
2016-11-06 HKG3 1800 HORSE OF FORTUNE A T Millard K Teetan
2017-11-05 HKG3 1800 NASSA A T Millard C Schofield





Traditionally, the jockey, owner and trainer of the winning horse would be awarded gold sovereigns by a renowned lady.


A prize for winning jockey, as the name suggests, 21 gold sovereigns were contained inside a purse. At that time HKJC required jockeys could not receive prize money, the only exception to this event.


In addition to the prize, the jockey would have a chance to enjoy a lunch together with the lady after the presentation ceremony.


However, there were rumors that some winning riders’ wives might not be fond of such opportunities, so, many jockeys would prefer to give up to compete this race for avoiding their wives’ jealousy.


When Hong Kong racing turned professional in 1971, the custom of presenting gold sovereigns was dropped.


It was reintroduced in 1990, using a Hong Kong Lunar New Year gold coin instead of a sovereign.


It was once a valuable cigarette box, and is now gold coins inside a wallet.


There are 3 wallets inside the purse, which will be presented to the winning jockey, trainer and owner respectively.


Nowadays, a gold coin contained in a wallet will be presented to the winning jockey, owner and trainer.


2005-10-16, renamed as THE SA SA LADIES’ PURSE (HANDICAP) for its sponsor, so far.





Most WinningJockey in recent years: Prebble B (3 times)


Most Winning Trainers in recent years: Fownes L (5 Times), Moore J. (5 Times)






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