Kwok Chi-yau Kenneth 1928-1990s

The Unforgettable Rider; The Unforgettable Jockey


Kenneth Kwok or Kenny Kwok 郭子猷, was the super star of amateur jockeys in Hong Kong racing history with a time span before the Second World War till to the professionalization era in early 1970s.







  • 1928, born in Kobe Japan where his Cantonese father owned a restaurant.
  • 1937 he first came to Hong Kong with his Japanese mother.
  • 1940-09-15 he rode a winner in his very first race in Macau.
  • 1940-10-05, he won again in another Macau Race day.
  • 1941, began riding in Hong Kong being the first “celebrity” jockeys.
  • 1942-04-25 grand opening of the Hong Kong Race Club, he,rode and helped in races organized by the Japanese authority.
  • 1950-04-08 the 73rd Derby, he won on John Peel‘s CLONFECKLE.
  • 1957-05-11 the 80th Derby, he won on Dr Leung Tin Sun and Partners’ SERBU.
  • 1963/64 sharing the champion jockey title with Middleton.

    1971 and before racing professionalized in Hong Kong he was officially an amateur jockey, or a gentleman rider, and later, a horse owner. He also made his living as an actor, insurance agent and building contractor.


    1972-01-29 he competed in the first International Jockeys’ Invitation Cup which marked the beginning of professionalism of Hong Kong racing. Other contenders were T C Cheng, Gary Moore and Lester Piggott.


    1972-05-20 he rode his last race but continued to serve in the Club as grandstand manager.







    In the Racing Seasons of 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953/54, 1955/56, 1956/57, 1957/58, 1958/59, 1961/62, 1962/63, 1963/64, 1965/66, and 1966/67, he was champion jockey 13 times and broke six course records during his 30-year career in the saddle.


    Around mid-1990s, he retired and passed away in Vancouver, Canada.






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