[:en]Kwangtung Handicap[:zh]廣東讓賽[:]

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  1. neckmain says:

    After 2 months summer break, Kwangtung Handicap has been the prelude highlight.

  2. neckmain says:


  3. open2us says:

    Praised by Tony Cruz after their duel, STAR MARK is Coetzee‘s inaugural victory in HK.

  4. open2us says:

    金鑰匙賽後告仔話志叔 體力驚人 一步不蝕 力抗到底 自問輸得口服心服.

  5. rewon says:

    There has no online record of G066 AMANTE, owned by J Pearce.

  6. rewon says:

    76年廣東讓賽-愛神, 皮亞仕名下藍白彩衣 簡單易認!

  7. aheadq says:

    1961-11-11, Princess Alexandra attended the races and presented the Kwangtung Handicap Cup to the owner of GAME PIE (Mr Hawk), ridden by Mr Horace Chan.

  8. aheadq says:

    舊時, 馬季開鑼日的廣東讓賽,開秋季大馬票

  9. aheadq says:

    1935-10-12, in the Autumn the Kwangtung Handicap ($22,365) entered the Big Sweep plan for the first time.

  10. neckmain says:


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