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Hopes Remain


Kwangtung Handicap races were held for Sweepstakes.
1947 – 1976 Sweepstakes were issued 3 or 4 times in every racing year.
Autumn Sweepstakes were the most favorite among those held in other occasions.
According to the racing result, winner of Kwangtung Handicap corresponding the ticket got the Grand Cash Prize of that Autumn Sweepstakes.



Traditions Change


After the handover, CEO Cup has superseded the original Kwangtung Handicap Cup.

Kwangtung Handicap Cup no long scheduled on the racing season starting day.

It has also been not held as the first trophy race of the racing season.




1953-10-10_3 the inaugural cup presentation as trophy for Kwangtung Handicap race.


1954-10-09_3 FIREFLY won by Samarcq, the trophy was mentioned as Kwangtung Handicap & Autumn Plate.


1957-10-19_3 only mentioned as ‘a trophy’ for Kwangtung Handicap, no mention of Autumn Plate.


1972-11-11_3 CHARLEY STOBBS won by TC Cheng, was the first record of Kwangtung Handicap Cup, 2200 meter



List Of Winners Since 1984:



Date Horse Owner Trainer Jockey Cou Dist. Time
1984-09-15 TURBO CHARGER Mr Yu Siu Lung D Kent P Young HV 1650 1.43.00
1985-09-21 MOULTON BOY Mr J L C Pearce A Ward P Leyshan HV 1800 1.58.90
1986-09-20 COREEGA Mr & Mrs Brian T Caird J Moore A S Cruz ST 1600 1.36.10
1987-09-19 CLEAR CITY Leung Chiu-Lun & Ng Tze-Choy P M Chu J K S Ho ST 1600 1.37.90
1988-09-17 BEST WINNER William Lam & Alfred Hui Sik Yin B K Ng C K Tse ST 1400 1.22.40
1989-09-16 FOREVER GOLD Mr & Mrs E C Lowe G Lane P H Chan ST 1600 1.35.50
1990-09-15 CRAIG’S DRAGON Craigengower Cricket Club Syndicate H F Lam B Marcus HV 1235 1.14.70
1991-09-14 BLASE Dr FANG S Y Harry K C Lo D Murphy ST 1200 1.10.50
1992-09-13 STAR MARK Mr & Mrs Patrick Y Au-Yeung P C Kan F Coetzee ST 1600 1.35.50
1993-09-12 OUR PAL Top Ten Syndicate D Cruz G Carter ST 1600 1.36.10
1994-09-11 BEST ONE Michael Tang Hon Chau, Tang Shu Chun & Tang Chan Shui Kuen T K Ng D Holland ST 1600 1.36.20
1995-09-10 VIVA ICTA Icta Racing Syndicate B K Ng B Marcus ST 1600 1.34.00
1996-09-08 ENTHUSIASM Benedict Wong Chung Mat L Fownes W Woods ST 1400 1.24.00
1997-09-17 SMART KID Helen Lee Nim Yee S T Wong A Munro ST 1600 1.35.10
1998-09-12 STRIKERS Newmarket Racing Syndicate D A Hayes B Marcus ST 1600 1.36.00
1999-09-11 MONZA Choi Yun Lam L Ho E Saint-Martin ST 1600 1.36.50
2000-09-09 NEW TRUMPS Richard Hui Chung Yee T P Wong D Whyte ST 1600 1.34.90
2001-09-08 SURVEY GENERAL Mak Kang Hoi J Moore J Egan ST 1600 1.34.80
2002-09-07 DR MORE Getmore Group Syndicate J Size S Dye ST 1600 1.34.70
2003-09-06 VISORHILL Alan F S Li I W Allan W C Marwing ST 1400 1.23.30
2004-09-11 SIROCCO Zippalanda Syndicate A T Millard H W Lai ST 1400 1.21.80
2005-09-11 DAVE’S BEST Yan Kam Hung C H Yip D Whyte ST 1600 1.34.20
2006-09-16 SUPREME GAINS Philip Lam Pak Kin K L Man D Whyte ST 1600 1.35.10
2007-09-15 PACKING WINNER Lee Wan Keung L Ho D Whyte ST 1600 1.34.40
2008-09-21 EYSHAL David Philip Boehm J Moore D Beadman ST 1600 1.36.47
2009-09-20 FLEET COMMAND Sir John Swaine & Koo Ming Kown D E Ferraris J Lloyd ST 1400 1.21.52
2010-09-12 SOARING DRAGON Albert H C Hong J Moore D Beadman ST 1400 1.23.24
2011-09-18 SUPREME WIN Rich Gold Syndicate K L Man O Doleuze ST 1400 1.22.11
2012-10-06 MR GINGER Fung Pak Kei C S Shum Z Purton ST 1200 1.09.42
2013-09-15 SAME WORLD Jackson So Hoi Wing J Moore W C Marwing ST 1400 1.21.30
2014-09-21 KABAYAN Julian Hui Chun Hang & Michele Monique Reis J Moore J Moreira ST 1400 1.21.68
2015-09-13 BEAUTY ONLY Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai Chun & Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen A S Cruz N Callan ST 1400 1.21.83
2016-09-11 TWIN DELIGHT Peter Law Kin Sang C Fownes K C Leung ST 1400 1.21.16
2017-09-10 JOLLY BANNER Mr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin Ki P F Yiu C Schofield ST 1400 1.21.15





Most Successful Jockey: D Whyte (4 times, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007)


Most Successful Trainer: J Moore (6 times, 1986, 2001, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014)


1991-09-14 and thereafter, Kwangtung Handicap races has been basically held in Sha Tin Racecourse.




1950s, the distance was usually 1 mile and 171y yards, roughly 1800 meter.


1970s, the distance was 2200 meter.


1991-09-14 onwards, the cup races have been held in Sha Tin.






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