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Keswick (kɛzɨk or KEZ-ik pronounced with a silent “w”, “Kezzick”) is a market town within the Borough of Allerdale in Cumbria, historically in Cumberland, northern part of England.

The name is from the Old English ‘cēse’ (cheese) with a Scandinavian initial ‘k’ and ‘wīc’ (special place or dwelling)

The town is recorded in the 13th century as ‘Kesewic’, meaning ‘farm where cheese is made’.



Consecutive Dynasty


As tai-pans of Jardine Matheson & Co, the Keswick family have at some time been closely associated with the ownership or management of:

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company Ltd.

The Canton Insurance Office Ltd, (now the HSBC Insurance Co)

The Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Company Limited

Star Ferry

Hong Kong Tramway

The Hong Kong Land Investment and Agency Co Ltd,

The Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Co Ltd.




1834, William Keswick, founder of the dynasty, was born in Dumfriesshire in the Scottish Lowlands.

His grandmother, Jean Jardine Johnstone was an older sister of Dr. William Jardine, the founder of Jardines.

1855, the Keswick family was a business dynasty of Scottish origin associated with the Far East since and in particular the conglomerate Jardine Matheson.

1862, when the racecourse opened, for the Spring Meeting, this extravaganza was still incomplete, and shortly afterwards the Club ran out of money. William Keswick of Jardine’s came to the rescue, and the building was finished on the basis of a mortgage.

William Keswick also bailed out the fledgling Shanghai Race Club to avoid its financial ruin.

1882, the racing club was still struggling to pay off for twenty years, while the munificent William Keswick never referred to the matter.

1868, Sir Henry May, who later became Governor of Hong Kong, mentioned Mr William Keswick as a Steward.

1889, The Hon. James Johnstone Keswick (1845–1914) was present in the HKJC Steward meeting.

1892, the Champions was a wonder-pony ZEPHYR owned by Sassoon. His main rivals were TALISMAN, owned by the formidably black-bearded James Johnstone Keswick, the Jardine taipan.

1907, the Hon. Mr Henry Keswick was a Steward.

1915, apart from using “John Peel” as racing name, some successful Jardine owners were Messrs J. Bell-Irving, W. J. Gresson, Cruikshank, John Johnstone, the Keswick brothers.

1919, Mr Tam Pearce, HKJC Chairman of 1940, owned the successful Dynasty stable after he had association at first with Mr Charles Keswick of Jardines.

1934 Mr John Keswick on TWO CLUBS, a well-backed second, tipped the scale at 193 lbs in the Ewo trophy race.

1953, the Hon. John Keswick, who arrived to join Jardine Matheson in Shanghai in 1927, became Stewards.






Almost continuously throughout the history of Hong Kong racing there has been a Jardine man among the Stewards of the Club.


After the professionalization of Hong Kong Racing, the representative member of the Keswick family:
Mr Simon Lindley Keswick, former Stewards of HKJC, the 4th generation of Keswick family.

1942-05-20 born, Simon Keswick is the youngest son of Sir William Johnstone “Tony” Keswick (1903–19

He is a Scottish businessman and the younger brother of Sir Chips Keswick and Sir Henry Keswick.

1962, joined Jardines.

1972, a Director in Jardines.

1977, he left Jardines to join his brother at Matheson & Co.

1983, he returned to join Jardines again as Senior Managing Director and then Chairman.

Simon Keswick started the restructuring of the company becoming more international rather than tied to Hong Kong.

1988, Simon Keswick retired as Tai-pan after seeing the firm’s holding office redomiciled to Bermuda and restructuring the firm’s senior management organization.





Horses owned by Mr Simon Lindley Keswick:

C083 CAIRNSMORE ( N Metrevelli,60s)

D006 CRIFFEL ( N Metrevelli,70-71)

FI06 SCAUR ( N Metrevelli,72-73)

G027 AUCHENDOLLY ( N Metrevelli,73-74)

O066 BLACKFURY ( N Metrevelli,75-76)


Horse owned by Keswick Brothers:

A050 ROCKCLIFFE (D Kent,84-85)


Horse owned by Ben Keswick:

S607 SKY LANTERN (R Hannon,2012-)

S002 FIRE STARTER (R Gibson,2013-)





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