Kan Yee-ching Greenstreet 1927-09-02-2000-09-11

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Kan Yee-ching has aliases, Kan Yi-Ching, Z Greenstreet Kan.
He was virtually an all-round & versatile writer, actor, TV host, and horse-racing editor, facilitator, journalist and commentator.




1927-09-02, Greenstreet Kan was born in Hong Kong, native of Guangdong Panyu.
His parents are overseas Chinese in Vietnam.
Kan Ging-lun, his father had nine sons.
Greenstreet’s ranking eighth, so he had another nick name as Kan’s number 8th.
The brotherhood of Kan’s number 8th and number 9th (Kan Yee-wo) were very famous in the racing and media communities.
He grew up during the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

After graduating from elementary school, he relied on self-study and followed his elder brother to learn English.

He once contracted TB and was later cured.





His knowledge was extensive with varieties and a lot of research on gambling.

He wrote novels, essays, having columns in 《Ming Pao》, worked as a gourmet critic, film critic, and also worked in mahjong.

Greenstreet Kan was famous with a five-participant mahjong game (as against the normal 4).
Due to his knowledge of English, he also served as a racing facilitator for content and data in his early years.

As told, there were more than 80,000 volumes of books collected in Kan’s family.





Greenstreet recorded a full list of racehorse Brand numbers and translated Chinese horse-names after the first batch done by Lo Kut.
1983, Greenstreet had filmed movies, including “Salt and pepper” with Cherie Chung and Bill Tung.

In Later years, he also produced a DVD 《I-ching, Sex Ging, Kan Yee-Ching》.
In the mid-1980s, when computer technology was still not widely used in printing Chinese characters, Greenstreet worked with Chinese mainland manufacturers to create a portable Chinese typewriter that used pens to input Chinese characters.Technically, it was an innovative breakthrough.





2000, in July Greenstreet again went to Chengdu, but was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer.
2000-09-11, Greenstreet’s condition deteriorated and he passed away in Chongqing.
He was memorized as the Walking Encyclopedia and the Racing Dictionary.





The derivation of “Greenstreet” is from the Old English pre 7th Century ‘grene’, green, with ‘straet’, a paved road, usually of Roman origin.
Sydney Greenstreet, a great actor of the 1950s, once was regarded as the inspiration of Kan’s name.






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Acknowledgment to Mr Lo kam; HKJC Archives; Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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