Kan Wai-yue Willy (1978-06-17 — 1999-03-21)

KAN Wai-yue Willy

KAN Wai-yue Willy (1978-06-17 — 1999-03-21)


A popular and promising female apprentice jockey and the first female to ride in the Hong Kong Derby.





1997 apprenticed with impressive progress guided by trainer Kan Ping Chee.


1997-12-20_2 Kan W Y SUPER CONNECTIONS (BP127) Kan P C class4 – 1600m Gloucester Handicap 99-odds 11th among 13, it was her inaugural race.


1998-02-01 got her inaugural win on SIR GALWAY trained by Brian Kan.


1998-05-30 Willy Kan FAT CHOY TOGETHER Queen Mother‘s Cup as her first Trophy victory, trained by Brian Kan.



1998-07-02 rode in Britain for trainer David Nicholls and got 1 winner.


1999-03-07 created history by becoming the first female to ride in the Hong Kong Derby (MAN OF HONOUR, trainer by I Allan), after professionalization of HKJC.


1999-03-21 HAPPY KING clipped the heels of other horses causing her to fall and lost her life.




Winners landed by Kan Wai-yue Willy:


Y-M-D_R_R Jockey Horse Trainer Race Cl. Distance
1998-02-01_6 Kan W Y SIR GALWAY Kan P C The Ewo Challenge Trophy (handicap) 2 HV-d-A 1800
1998-03-01_5 Kan W Y HORNET Kan P C Great Success Handicap 3 ST-d-A 1200
1998-03-28_8 Kan W Y GOLD YUE YEE Kan P C Cruise Control Handicap 4 ST-d-B 1400
1998-04-15_3 Kan W Y GRAND PRIZE Kan P C Plover Cove Handicap 3 HV-n-C 1650
1998-04-22_4 Kan W Y GOOD CONNECTION Kan P C The St George’s Challenge Cup (handicap) 2&3 HV-n-C 2200
1998-04-22_6 Kan W Y GO GO WIN Kan P C Charles Dickens Handicap 4 HV-n-C 1800
1998-04-29_7 Kan W Y WIN-ETIC Wong Y O Federation Equestre Internationale Handicap 2 ST-n-C 1400
1998-05-06_2 Kan W Y KIMBER Lui K W Indian Recreation Club Challenge Cup 2 HV-n-A 1200
1998-05-27_3 Kan W Y GO GO Kan P C Sir Cecil‘s Ride Handicap 4 HV-n-C 1200
1998-05-30_5 Kan W Y FAT CHOY TOGETHER Kan P C The Queen Mother‘s Cup (handicap) 1 ST-n-C 2400
1998-07-02 Kan W Y NERVOUS REX David Nicholls 3y+ Handicap 3y+ Haydock 3000
1999-01-13_6 Kan W Y HONG KONG STALLION Wong W L Ho Chung Handicap 3 Mud-n 1650
1999-01-23_10 Kan W Y DIAMOND AND GOLD Kan P C Tung Wah Divided Handicap 1&2 ST-d-A 1400
1999-01-30_5 Kan W Y SUPER CONNECTIONS Kan P C Tsing Yi Handicap 5 ST-d-B 1400
1999-02-03_7 Kan W Y HORNET Kan P C Lusitano Divided Handicap 1&2 ST-n-C 1600
1999-03-17_5 Kan W Y SIR GALWAY Kan P C Hung Hom Handicap 3 HV-n-B 1800
1999-03-17_6 Kan W Y TAKE OFF Kan P C Kowloon City Handicap 4 HV-n-B 1650





The 3rd Race was ran under a rainy day in a distance of 1400 meters for Class 5 horses .

Kan was racing in midfield on HAPPY KING, trained by Alex Wong, about halfway in a seven-furlong race when the seven-year-old clipped the heels of BIG FORTUNE.


As the horses were bunched up together, she was kicked in the chest and head by the horses who could not get out of the way in time. She would die 2½ hours later in hospital.


She fell heavily and was inert on the track as both SOLIDARITY and LUCKY AFLEET failed to avoid her.


The chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Stewards, Alan Li Fook-Sum, said last night: “Ms Kan was a true sportswoman and her contribution to Hong Kong horse-racing will be greatly missed.”


As a mark of respect, the rest of the card in Sha Tin on that day was cancelled. And in her honour, the trophy awarded to the Champion Apprentice each season has now been renamed the “Willy Kan Memorial Cup”.


She was the first jockey with accident racing in Hong Kong since Brian Taylor‘s fall in 1984-12-08.


This was the second fatality at Sha Tin since the track opened in 1978.


1999-04-02 Friday, Willy Kan‘s funeral was held with Buddhist ceremony and she was buried in Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery, section 33 Plot 10.





Willy had been named as ‘Little Sister’ with her likeable and charming personality.

Former champion trainer Brian Kan (no relation) was too sad to take up any more apprentice.


He funded and built a memorial school in Mainland China in name of KAN Wai-yue.






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