Jockey Club Sprint Trail


Dashing Rehearsal


Jockey Club Sprint (Group 2) later became the Jockey Club Cup.


Formerly, the trophy race was named as The International Sprint Trial.


All have been held on Turf in Sha Tin Racecourse yearly.




Speedy Drill


Introduction & History


2002-11-24, the International Sprint Trial [2002-2003]) was introduced.


It has been a lead-up to the Hong Kong Sprint.


It was, originally a domestic Group 3 event.


Originally, 5 events had been run over 1000m on the turf yearly.


2003-11-22, this race was upgraded to a domestic Group 2 event.


2007-11-17, it has been run over 1200m thereafter.


2010-11-21, it has been promoted to International Group 2.


2012-11-18, carrying a total prize money of HK$3,000,000.





Date R.no Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. Time
2002-11-24 07 ALL THRILLS TOO A100 Alan Lam Man Bun D A Hayes G Mosse 1000 0.56.60
2003-11-22 03 SILENT WITNESS C140 Arthur & Betty da Silva A S Cruz F Coetzee 1000 0.56.30
2004-11-21 07 SILENT WITNESS C140 Arthur & Betty da Silva A S Cruz F Coetzee 1000 0.55.90
2005-11-20 07 PLANET RULER B359 Steven Chan S C & Kenneth Chan S Y A Lee G Mosse 1000 0.56.40
2006-11-19 06 ABLE PRINCE C348 Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan J Moore M Nunes 1000 0.56.20
2007-11-17 07 SACRED KINGDOM G268 Sin Kang Yuk P F Yiu G Mosse 1200 1.07.50
2008-11-23 09 ENTHUSED H303 Mr & Mrs Benedict Wong Chung Mat J Size F Coetzee 1200 1.08.20
2009-11-22 08 HAPPY ZERO K079 David Philip Boehm J Moore D Beadman 1200 1.09.18
2010-11-21 08 ONE WORLD H133 Jackson So Hoi Wing J Moore D Beadman 1200 1.08.82
2010-11-21 08 ROCKET MAN M601 Alfredo Leonardo Arnaldo Crabbia P B Shaw F Coetzee 1200 1.08.82
2011-11-20 06 LITTLE BRIDGE L285 Ko Kam Piu C S Shum G Mosse 1200 1.08.67
2012-11-18 09 LUCKY NINE L259 Dr Chang Fuk To & Maria Chang C Fownes B Prebble 1200 1.08.83
2013-11-17 09 CHARLES THE GREAT N171 Julian Hui Chun Hang & Michele Monique Reis J Moore D Whyte 1200 1.08.79
2014-11-23 07 PENIAPHOBIA S143 Huang Kai Wen J Moore D Whyte 1200 1.08.08
2015-11-21 08 GOLD-FUN P045 Pan Sutong R Gibson C Soumillon 1200 1.08.31
2016-11-20 08 NOT LISTENIN’TOME T235 Matthew Wong Leung Pak J Moore H Bowman 1200 1.08.26
2017-11-19 07 MR STUNNING T235 Maurice Koo Win Chong J Size N Rawiller 1200 1.09.33





The Winners List has 2 Horses of the Year:



The Most Winning Horse Origin:

8 times AUS


The Most Winning Horse Type:

9 times PPG


The Most Winning Horse:



The Most Winning Owner:

2 times by Arthur & Betty da Silva


The Most Winning Trainer:

5 times by J Moore


The Most Winning Jockeys:

4 times by F Coetzee





2012-11-18, it was renamed as The LONGINES Jockey Club Sprint.






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