Derby Winner By The Largest Winning Margin


Back in the old-time days of racing, there was something known as “distancing” a rival in racing.


This involved beating a rival by at least a furlong (eighth of a mile), in which case the horses so beaten were considered to have finished “nowhere,” completely unplaced.


The facts and record proved a similar case though it might be a bit dramatical exaggerated in the 1954 Derby.






1954-05-08 held on the 11 Race Meeting 2nd Day, Going fast for the 6th Race 206 – Hong Kong Derby – One and a Half Miles

  • Rider: H K Chuang
  • Trainer: Wong Siu Hung
  • Owner: Mr and Mrs L F David Sung

    Time :— .28.2/5, .55-3/5, 1.21-3/5, 1.50-1/5, 2.17, 2.42-3/5


    Distance:— Many Lengths; 2 Length.


    50 Entries. 8 Acceptances. 6 Starters.



    Stakes :— Winner $5,340 and Trophy; 2nd $2,600; 3rd $1,960.


    Tote:—Win. (5) $8.20.


    Place (5) $5.50; (7) $6.50; (6) $6.80.


    [For Result of Cash Sweep see next page]






    Scripts on Invitation Card for the Celebration Dinner:


    Mr and Mrs L F David Sung

    request the pleasure of the company of


    to Dinner at the Kam Lung Restaurant

    The Queen‘s Road West

    on Wednesday, May the twenty-sixth

    at eight o’clock

    to celebrate the winning of

    The Hong Kong Derby


    Jingle Bell






    The Stewards enquired into the crossing of JINGLE BELL by STRATHIAN during the race. Mr. Plumby’s statement, that his saddle had slipped thereby making it difficult to control his pony, was accepted.






    JINGLE BELL was a top-class horse owned by the family of Sung in the 1950s.


    1999-03-07 Willy Kan created history by becoming the first female to ride in the Hong Kong Derby, after professionalization of racing.


    Trained by Ivan Allan, the horse MAN OF HONOUR was owned by Jerry Sung & Dora Sung of the Sungs’ family.


    The jockey worn the similar racing silk of RED: gold fringe on body and sleeves, gold cap.





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