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The Hon. Thomas Jackson (later Sir Thomas), Founding Steward of HKJC.

His bronze sculpture nobly immortal in Statue Square, has been a tribute to his achievement as the third Chief Manager of the HSBC.

Sir Thomas was the first elected Representative of the Chamber of Commerce in the Legislative Council, 1884 to1886.






Sir Thomas Jackson was born in Ireland at Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim.

He was the second of six sons of David and Elizabeth Jackson.

He spend his childhood in Crossmaglen, Co Armagh.






He joined the Belfast Branch of the Bank of Ireland.



1864-11-12, Thomas Jackson signed a contract for traveling to Hong Kong or elsewhere in China by the Overland Route on the Twentieth day of November.

Firstly received a sum of £137.10, he joined the Agra and Masterbank for an 3 years assignment as clerk in Asia.

Around that time, the foundation of the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (“HSBC”) building was being developed in Hongkong.



1865-01-11 most-likely would be Jackson’s arrival date in Hong Kong, according to all the related information written above in the Overland Route article by Ms Sharon Oddie Brown.

Jackson joined the bank, a year after its opening and served terms as accountant in Shanghai.



Agra & Masterman’s Bank Ltd was closed due to the financial crisis.

Jackson joined HSBC which just commencing business in March last year.


1870 to 1874

He was transferred to Japan and working as manager in Yokohama.



He married Amelia Lydia Dare and they had 9 children later.



Jackson, at the early age of 35, was appointed the chief manager of HSBC.

Before formation of HKJC, the Racing Committee, among those elected to the first Board of Stewards were (Sir) Thomas Jackson.



February, for the last Annual Race Meeting organised by the old Racing Committee, the following was the panel of officials:

Stewards — the Hon. Thomas Jackson.

1884-02-27 he was nominated by the Chamber .of Commerce to represent it in the Legislative Council for 3 years.

1884-11-04 Formation of the Jockey Club, the 34 gentlemen present were all from the members of the old Racing Committee, including Jackson.


1891 – 1893

He relinquished the role to return to the United Kingdom where he took charge of the London office of the bank.



HKJC had now completed its first decade and had much success and expansion to show.

The Stewards elected for this tenth year still with T. Jackson.



1899-07-08 he was knighted, as Kt.



May, he retired from that very responsible post in HSBC.

1902-07-25 Jackson was conferred the hereditary title of Baronet.

This entitled him to use the pre-nominal “Sir” combined with the post-nominal abbreviation of “Bart.” which in modern day usage is further abbreviated to “Bt.”.

His full style became Sir Thomas Jackson, of Stansted House, in the parish of Stansted, in the county of Essex, Knight.



In recognition of his services to the bank and Hong Kong, a statue of Jackson was unveiled in Statue Square.

It was located in front of the bank’s Hong Kong premises and the ceremony was held by the colony’s Governor Sir Matthew Nathan.



1915-12-21 Jackson, at age 74, passed away in Gracechurch Street, inside an HSBC office.

1915-12-24 Sir Thomas Jackson was buried in Stansted, Co. Essex.





Jackson changed the competitive relationship with Jardines to establish cooperation and invited Taipan joining the Board of Directors of HSBC.

Jackson set large amounts of silver reserves for HSBC to offer loan to the Qing government thus facilitated a smooth approval for the 99-year lease of the New Territories to Britain in 1898.

Under his business leadership, HSBC became the premiere bank in Asia.

His influence was such that he came to be called the bank’s “Great Architect”.

Brilliant, though also cautious, he also had the nickname “Lucky Jackson“, due to his smart policy of reserve in the late Qing era.

This probably reflected more his innate intuition as when to act quickly and boldly.

The Hon. Sir Thomas Jackson was a most helpful Steward of HKJC.





Commemorating Sir Thomas Jackson, these were named after him:

Jackson Road in Central where Hong Kong Club located and near the Legislative Council Building.

A bronze statue of Jackson in Statue Square.


Acknowledgement to Ms Sharon Oddie Brown for her precious research and reference material.





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