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Games For Two Clubs; Races Of Two Cities


Definitely, British civilians came to Hong Kong via Macao and Canton.

In fact, Macao had horse racing before Hong Kong.




There is reason to believe, however, that it was the British traders who promoted racing first in Macao.

After Hong Kong became British Colony, Meetings were continued to be organized and raced at Macao for a few years.

Until the operation could transplant to the newly formed Colony.

1895, Dr E. J. Eitel mentioned in his book 《Europe in China; the history of Hongkong FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE YEAR 1882》:

the annual races during the administration of Hong Kong’s first Governor, Sir Henry Pottinger (1841-4), were ….

“still held in Macao, for which purpose a general pilgrimage to Macao occupied the latter half of the month of February in 1842 and 1843.”





Although horses owners and riders have been connected between the two cities, there had no collaborated stakes races.

Therefore Hong Kong Macau Trophy has been an historic occasion at Sha Tin Racecourse.

It is the marking of the the first ever race planned specifically to match qualified high class horses from either side of the Pearl River delta.


2004-02-15 the inaugural running of the trophy race was run on turf at Sha Tin in a distance of 1600 meters.

There were no cross-betting arrangement for the Hong Kong Macau Trophy races in the beginning.

The MJC would not operate betting when the first leg was run at Sha Tin.

Likewise, the HKJC did not operate betting when Taipa Racecourse staged the second leg.


Thereafter, Hong Kong Macau Trophy have been raced on turf at Sha Tin in a distance of 1400 meters.





Date R Index No. Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey R.Time
2004-02-15 6 402 8 CROWN’S GIFT D633 Yong Seng Chen & partners J Lau B Doyle 1.34.90
2005-01-30 6 359 8 HELENE PILLAGING C084 Sir Po-shing & Lady Woo A S Cruz B Prebble 1.22.50
2006-04-30 7 568 9 HAPPEE OWNER E230 Robert Ng Chee Siong A S Cruz F Coetzee 1.21.80
2007-04-22 8 541 8 TIBER D155 Anthony Cheung Hin Shun & Peter John Keller J Moore Y T Cheng 1.20.60
2008-03-01 7 433 9 SLOW WALTZ H329 K S Lee J Size F Coetzee 1.21.30
2009-03-01 9 432 1 HAWKES BAY G064 Daryl Ng Win Kong D J Hall B Prebble 1.22.14
2010-03-06 8 439 3 VIVA PRONTO L626 Dr Stanley Ho Hung Sun G W Moore F Durso 1.21.22
2011-03-12 8 466 6 SPARKLING POWER L257 08/09 Anthony T Millard Trainer Syndicate A T Millard D Whyte 1.21.31
2012-03-10 8 468 9 MAJESTIC FALCON M236 Dr & Mrs Horace Ngan Kit Keung J Moore J Lloyd 1.22.13
2013-03-02 8 432 10 SOLAR GREAT M189 Hui Sze Man D J Hall D Whyte 1.22.03
2014-03-01 8 442 9 SUPER LIFELINE P158 Dr Eddy Fong Ching A T Millard K Teetan 1.21.82
2015-03-08 9 448 9 ARPINATI S274 Siu Pak Kwan J Moore J Moreira 1.21.62
2016-03-06 9 461 6 DASHING FELLOW S284 Dr Philip Ho Kin Hoi, Dr Ernest Yau Hok Shing & Dr Joseph Pang Yeuk She J Moore Z Purton 1.21.65
2017-03-05 7 468 6 INVINCIBLE DRAGON V166 Albert Hung Chao Hong J Moore S Clipperton 1.20.75
2018-05-12 8 647 7 CALIFORNIA WHIP A114 Liang Lo Ching Yung A S Cruz N Callan 1:21.15
2019-05-11 7 654 8 GOOD STANDING B105 Martin Siu Kim Sun J Moore Z Purton 1.20.79





“We are all very much looking forward to the Hong Kong Macau Trophy,” said Mr Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Executive Director of Racing by that time. “It will be an intriguing clash and since it is being run under handicap conditions, it provides us with a unique opportunity to try and arrive at the right handicap equilibrium between Hong Kong horses and those from Macau.”


“The Macau Jockey Club sees the inaugural running of the Hong Kong Macau Trophy as one of the most important steps in its history. It marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation and goodwill between the two racing clubs. It is obvious that the Macau owners and trainers fully support this concept with entries being received from all of the Macau horses eligible for this race. The Board of Directors and the management of the Macau Jockey Club wish the Hong Kong Macau Trophy every success,” said Mr Ian Paterson, the MJC‘s Director of Racing and Chief Stipendiary Steward.





1858, there was a record of Mr E. Pereira presented the Macao Cup, a trophy race for horses, not for ponies.





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Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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