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Ho Wai-hong Stanley was a descendant from Nam Hoi county, KwungTung, or Guangdong, China.





1954, he started to learn riding.
1957, he was permitted to race as novice rider.
He got only 3 rides that year, with a 1st, a 2nd and an un-placed, as not too many bookings.
1961-10-28_1, after his graduation, he got more rides and in the middle tier of the jockeys ranking.
1963-11-30_4, after his win, he had an arm injury and rested for a year.
1964-11-09_3 he recovered and won again with impressive winners with improved bookings.





Retrievable racing records of Ho Wai-hong Stanley:

Yr-Mo-Da_R Horse Trainer Class Cour. Distance Time Event
1960-04-09_1 AFTAB Noodt F 7 HV-t 1.01.4 0.5m170yd Class 7 Hdcp
1960-11-26_7 EXCEL Lin Y L 6 HV-t 1.01.0 0.5m170yd Class 6 Hdcp
1961-01-21_1 SPLENDID Lin Y L 8 HV-t 1.48.6 1m Class 8 Hdcp
1961-01-28_1 TELL-ME-MORE Wong Ah-sze 9 HV-t 1.18.8 6f Class 9 Hdcp
1961-02-25_8 EXCEL Lin Y L 5 HV-t 1.01.0 0.5m170yd Class 5 Hdcp
1961-03-04_9 HIFI Chao Ah-mow 4 HV-t 1.17.8 6f Class 4 Hdcp
1961-04-01_11 CUTTY SARK Wong Ah-sze 6 HV-t 1.16.6 6f Class 6 Hdcp
1961-10-14_1 HAPPY VIEW Lin Y L 6 HV-t 1.20.8 6f40yd Class 6 Hdcp
1961-10-28_1 CIRRUS Sofronoff G 8 HV-t 1.49.6 1m Class 8 Hdcp
1961-11-13_8 HAPPY VIEW Lin Y L 6 HV-t 2.16.4 1.25m Class 6 Hdcp
1961-12-02_3 GRACE Chao Ah-mow 7 HV-t 2.16.2 1.25m Class 7 Hdcp
1962-03-03_7 FIRST PRIZE Belov D 7 HV-t 1.21.0 6f40yd Class 7 Hdcp
1962-03-10_1 GOOD HOPE Lin Y L Gri. HV-t 1.00.4 0.5m170yd Gri. Set Race
1962-04-23_3 FIRST PRIZE Belov D 7 HV-t 1.00.0 0.5m170yd Class 7 Hdcp
1962-04-23_8 PROMINENT VIEW Lin Y L 2 HV-t 1.51.6 1m171yd Class 2 Hdcp
1962-10-13_4 ATILLA Lin Y L Gri. C HV-t 1.02.4 0.5m170yd Gri.C Set Race
1962-11-10_6 GOOD HOPE Lin Y L Gri. A HV-t 0.59.4 0.5m170yd Gri.A Set Race
1962-11-12_9 MALAYANPET Noodt F 7 HV-t 2.02.8 1m171yd Class 7 Hdcp
1963-01-19_4 MALAYANPET Noodt F 7 HV-t 2.16.2 1.25m Class 7 Hdcp
1963-03-02_5 DAZZLING LIGHT Lin Y L 9 HV-t 1.57.2 1m171yd Class 9 Hdcp
1963-04-13_5 PUBLIC VICTORY Lin Y L Gri. HV-t 1.19.0 6f40yd Gri. Set Race
1963-11-30_4 PERMANENT Lin Y L 4 HV-t 1.17.2 6f40yd Class 4 Hdcp
1964-11-09_3 GOOD LUCK Lin Y L 8 HV-t 1.19.2 6f40yd Class 8 Hdcp
1964-11-09_7 GOOD HOPE Lin Y L 3 HV-t 0.57.6 0.5m170yd Class 3 Hdcp
1964-11-21_6 PUBLIC VICTORY Lin Y L 4 HV-t 1.43.6 1m Class 4 Hdcp
1965-01-01_8 GOOD LUCK Lin Y L 7 HV-t 1.56.2 1m171yd Class 7 Hdcp
1965-01-09_1 APEX Chu P M 5 HV-t 1.17.4 6f40yd Class 5 Hdcp
1965-01-23_2 HAPPYMAN Lee T L 4 HV-t 1.53.4 1m171yd Class 4 Hdcp
1965-01-30_4 APEX Chu P M 5 HV-t 1.44.2 1m Class 5 Hdcp
1965-03-13_5 TRY MY UTMOST Lin Y L Gri. HV-t 1.47.8 1m Gri. Set Race
1965-03-13_8 HAPPYMAN Lee T L 3 HV-t 1.43.4 1m Class 3 Hdcp





1965-04-17_9 Ho Wai-hong Stanley had his last ride on TRY MY UTMOST.
He was aged 32, passed away after that fatal fall.
He had 9-3-12-52 among his 76 rides in the new racing season.
He ranked 6th on the Jockeys List.
He had strong fighting spirit until his last moment in his saddle.





Stanley W H Ho on TRY MY UTMOST was one of the racing related fatality after Liang Sai-yen, Tang Man-wa, Lo Sui-lam, Wong Tsang-lian, Samarcq and Neel.
He was the fourth being killed during a race after WWII.





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Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah, Mr Peter Yuen, Mr Chan Yuk-lun Allan for relevant data and information.





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