Ho kom-tong 1866-1950


The first HKJC Chinese Full Member, owner and winner, “Hong Kong Racing Club” Chairman and Judge.



Man for All Seasons


1866-09-16, Ho kom-tong was born, being the son of Chinese father and Chinese mother Madame Sze.


He was a younger maternal half-brother of Sir Robert Ho Tung, and grand-uncle of Stanley Ho.


He was a prominent businessman and philanthropist who succeeded Ho Fook as Head Compradore at Jardines.




Owner of Early Seasons


1926, the entry of Chinese members brought into HKJC the stalwart.

Ho kom-tong was admitted to HKJC as a Full Member, while Membership for Chinese initiated.

1927, he started with seven ponies and named as “Hall” stable.

As horse names suffix , “Hall’ sounded similar to his last name HO, and also has similar meaning to his second given name ‘Tong’.





1927-02-28 Monday, Annual Race Meeting First day, from the race book there were only two owners definitely identifiable as Chinese.

Ho kom-tong, compradore of Jardine Matheson, and Yung Hing-lun, compradore of the Chartered Bank, made their first appearance as owners.

Ho had his first win with KOM TONG HALL in the Valley Stakes, Race 4.


1927-03-19 Saturday, after the first race meeting of the officialited Macau Jockey Club, the Governor spoke next. Then — never put a good Jardine man down — came Ho kom-tong.


Ho kom-tong gradually improved and became successfully for another decade as his “Hall” stable won many races.


1928, Ho named his 2 new ponies in “Hall” stable (PRESIDENT HALL, MAJESTIC HALL).

His raced ponies had lengthened to 11, but they brought him only two wins; and the rest of the Chinese owners were of moderate racing strength.


1929-02-26, Ho kom-tong won the 57th Derby with PRESIDENT HALL ridden by C Encarnacao on 1-1/2 miles, beating John Peel’s pair, ADAM and ROYAL FLUSH.

He also scored frequently with IMPERIAL HALL.


1929-04-27 Saturday, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester’s third ride was in the Customs Handicap “C” on KOM TONG HALL .

In a field of 19. He carried only 31 bets, compared with the winner’s 515. Mr R. H. Charles won on Mr Ulster’s ACE OF SPADES.

The Duke was well up in the early stages of the Once Round, but lost much ground on the rise to the Black Rock.


1930-02-23, Mr Ho kom-tong had a good Annual Meeting. With Mr Encarnacao riding, his PRESIDENT HALL took the shortened Foochow Cup in record time.

Ho’s pony defeated Mrs Dunbar’s SITTING BULL (Mr Hill) and John Peel’s ADAM (Mr Heard).

On the second day, MAJESTIC HALL won the Chater Cup and MARQUIS HALL the Racing Stakes.

Mr T. L. Wong rode both, and another win on CARNIVAL EVE in the Jockey Club Stakes gave Wong three races in a roll.


1931-05-27, at the half-yearly meeting of members, Mr Ho kom-tong expressed the members’ appreciation of the work of the Stewards.

He suggested that they should receive fees, like the Directors of companies, whose work was less arduous.

Chairman Mackie thanked Mr Ho, but said, “In this Club, and in every other club I know of, the work of the Stewards in the nature of things must always remain a labour of love.”


1936, he and the Hall stable dropped out of the race book.


1942, Ho was appointed as the first Jockey Club Chinese Chairman under the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

1943, he resigned those positions in the excuse of old age.

He did not extended his membership after the war, though his wife became horse owner later.


1950-01-14, Ho kom-tong passed away.





Mr Ho kom-tong was a stout, genial man, who had many friends.

He was regarded as “A man of all seasons”





Kom Tong Hall, the former Hong Kong residence of Ho kom-tong, now houses the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum.





Kom Tong Hall – Declared Monuments in Hong Kong





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