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The University of Hong Kong (informally known as HKU or Hong Kong University) is a public research university located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong.

1911-03-30 the university was incorporated in Hong Kong as a self-governing body of scholars.

1912-03-11 had its official opening ceremony, first enrollment of students in the same year.



Wisdom and Strength


1971-03-16, Racing in Hong Kong turned professional.

At that time, a number of prominent Clubs in Hong Kong were invited by the Stewards of the Club to donate a Trophy.

Among them was the Hong Kong University Alumni Association.





1971-03-27 inaugural running of the Hong Kong University Alumni Association Cup race was held.



Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Stakes Dist.
1971-1972 SEVEN LUCK Ho K Y Sofronoff G Ho Man Fat $20,000 1650
1972-1973 KIDDY LAND Pretty G Burns R David C W Yeh $28,500 1235
1973-1974 SAMPLE Cheam A K Cheung H M Chan Tak Tai $35,000 1800
1974-1975 SUGAR PEARL Moore G W Moore G Wu & Ho $28,000 2230
1975-1976 REALLY TALENTED Lane G Au K H Wong Sik Kong $28,500 1235
1976-1977 SAUCY GWYNN Hood W Sofronoff G Hong Kong Club Syndicate $30,000 2230
1977-1978 WINNERS’ DELIGHT Moore G W Moore G Leong Cho Wong $32,000 1575
1978-1979 CAN’T SAY NO Leyshan P Smyth G Eddie Tam Ping Ching $46,500 1600
1979-1980 CROWN KING Andrews B Ward A Wong Sze Fong $67,000 1800
1980-1981 TRUST ME MORE Brosnan D Cheung H M David T K Wong-Fung Hon Chu $82,000 1200
1981-1982 HERCULES Chan Y C Robertson C Denis F P Li $95,000 1000
1982-1983 INVINCIBLE Moore G W Moore G Lai Ko Nin $105,000 1400
1983-1984 GOOD SPORT Tsui K L Lee T L Daniel Paul Leung $125,000 1400



Date Horse Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. Time
1984-09-29 LONGCHAMP Medilex Syndicate E Collingwood E Hide 1235 1.17.40
1985-10-05 KRONBORG Anarew K O T P Wong A S Cruz 1575 1.42.40
1986-10-04 BARRACUDA Annie Wong T P Wong A S Cruz 1200 1.11.30
1987-10-04 GOLD APPLE Quo Wei Lee J Moore G Allendorf 1200 1.11.90
1988-10-01 IRISH EYES Mr & Mrs Fung Ming Chung J Moore B Compton 1900 1.58.60
1989-10-01 SOMETHING SPECIAL T H Barma H M Cheung C K Chung 2000 2.09.80
1990-09-29 LICHINSKY Hon K C Cheung – Hon P F Lee P C Kan B Thomson 1200 1.11.30
1991-09-28 SAY YES Lau Ngok Wah B Hutchison R Thompson 1400 1.24.10
1992-09-27 A BETTER WORLD Ng Sui Cheong D Oughton J Marshall 2000 2.03.00
1993-12-21 SPACE ROCK Lum Kam Fay P H Chan J K S Ho 1800 1.50.90
1994-09-24 GOLD YUE YEE Mr & Mrs U Tat Ming P C Kan P Hutchinson 1400 1.23.80
1995-09-23 EVASIVE TACTIC Mr & Mrs Chan Kwok Leung D A Hayes S King 1400 1.22.70
1996-09-21 EASY CHAMP James Lau Chi Wing T P Cheung E Saint-Martin 1600 1.37.30
1997-09-20 GOLDEN DUKE Tam Wing Chuen P C Kan K H Ting 1600 1.35.90
1998-09-19 CREAM Zee Kwoh Kung I W Allan D Whyte 1400 1.22.40
1999-09-18 DANZIGHILL Cheung Yiu Ming A S Cruz F Coetzee 1400 1.22.10
2000-09-17 OVATION IJDH Syndicate L Fownes W Woods 1200 1.10.10
2001-09-15 NEW ASIANS New Asia Alumni Syndicate K W Lui W C Marwing 1400 1.22.60
2002-09-14 ALL THE BEST Tsen Yun Lei D Cruz W C Marwing 1400 1.25.40
2003-09-27 BEETHOVEN Sidney Chiu Yung Sit D A Hayes C Williams 1400 1.22.30
2005-02-05 WEALTHY Ngan Keng Hing C H Yip E Saint-Martin 1400 1.23.10
2006-06-10 LUCKY BABY Ho Sau Ki C S Shum S Dye 1000 0.57.90
2007-01-20 SACRED KINGDOM Sin Kang Yuk P F Yiu D Nikolic 1000 0.57.30
2008-02-02 PICKETT Mr & Mrs Johnny Shih Jar Yi C W Chang P H Lo 1200 1.10.50
2009-06-21 AMPLE GAINS Focal Syndicate K L Man Z Purton 1650 1.39.20
2010-06-12 LITTLE BRIDGE Ko Kam Piu C S Shum Z Purton 1000 0.56.14
2011-06-05 JUST FANTASTIC Perfect Match Syndicate Y S Tsui K C Ng 1650 1.39.30
2012-06-03 GIGGLES FOREVER Peter Lee Kwok Wah C W Chang W C Marwing 1600 1.35.82
2013-06-12 MY FAVORITE Leon Chan, Kwok Fu Shing, Julian Cheung Chi Lam & Eric Chow Man Hei C Fownes T Berry 1200 1.09.80
2014-06-15 FANTASTICO Francis Heung Kwok Chun P F Yiu M Du Plessis 1000 0.56.47
2015-06-07 TOP ACT Bonnie Chan Yiting, Anthony Derek Lai Shu Yan, Ricky Choy Wing Kay & Dominic Lee Kan Nam A T Millard K Teetan 1800 1.48.39
2016-06-05 DEJA VU Li Wai Yin A Lee K C Leung 1200 1.08.23
2017-06-11 BEAT THE CLOCK Merrick Chung Wai Lik J Size J Moreira 1800 1.21.82
2018-06-03_8 SAUL’S SPECIAL Chen Zhuo Lin C W Chang O Doleuze 1000 0.55.85
2019-06-02_8 BAND OF BROTHERS Z Power Syndicate P O’Sullivan Z Purton 1600 1.34.82







HKUAA Cup has been the first trophy race affliiated to the academic institute in Hong Kong.





From retrievable racing records:


The Most Winning Trainers:
3 times by G Moore and P C Kan


The Most Winning Jockeys:
3 times by G W Moore and W Marwing






Photo Gallery


Video Showcase



Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.





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