HILL, David


On the Hill Top


1951-06-02, David Michael HILL was born in India and educated in England.


His father Sam Hill, a leading trainer in Southern India for 35 years.



At the River Side


Major Achievements In India.


1969, David started his career in India under the tutelage of his father.


1971, he was granted a temporary trainer’s licence to handle all the Hill horses racing at Ooty and Hyderabad.


1973, fully Licensed and became leading trainer on no less than eight occasions, saddling up nine classic winners.


During his 14 years career in India he was Champion Trainer in Madras (Chennai), Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Ootacamund.


In all he has trained 1,143 winners.



Major Achievements In Hong Kong


1986, Lawrie Fownes’s nephew, Wendyl Woods, advised David Hill of a possible vacancy in Hong Kong on the retirement of Cliff Robertson.


1987, David was licensed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club; he got 12 horses to start with.


1991, his legendary RIVER VERDON, crowned three times Horse of The Year, winner of the Hong Kong International Invitational Race, and remains the only Triple Crown winner.


1993, David won as the joint champion trainer.


2005-07-08, he ceased to be a trainer in Hong Kong.


Totally he trained 377 winners.



Major Achievements In Singapore / Malaysia


2006, David brought his unique skills and horsemanship to Kranji, winning:


2007​, Magic Millions Juvenile Championship.


2008, Singapore Guineas.


2009, Merlion Trophy.


2012, Raffles Cup.





Season          Wins               Total Stakes:
  • 87-88                  5                 $864,900
  • 88-89                20                 $4,322,560
  • 89-90                30                 $6,559,526
  • 90-91                33                 $10,646,270
  • 91-92                38                 $19,032,680
  • 92-93                40                 $21,838,892
  • 93-94                39                 $18,815,425
  • 94-95                24                 $13,148,201
  • 95-96                17                 $9,658,658
  • 96-97                16                 $11,275,620


1997 and before, 10 seasons as trainer


213 winners saddled



Group races including:




Stewards’ Cup (River Jordan)





★ HK Champions-Chater Cup (River Verdon)


Hong Kong Derby (River Verdon)


★ Sha Tin Vase (Concert King)





Hong Kong International Cup (RIVER VERDON)


★ Centenary Vase (ROMANTIC TANGO)


★ Chairman’s Prize (CONCERT KING)


★ HK Champions-Chater Cup (RIVER VERDON)


Queen Elizabeth II Cup (RIVER VERDON)





★ Chairman’s Prize (RED RUFFIAN)


★ HK Champions-Chater Cup (RIVER VERDON)


Hong Kong Gold Cup (RIVER VERDON)


Queen Elizabeth II Cup (MUHIM)


Queen Mother‘s Cup (FORTUNE LEADER)





★ HK Champions-Chater Cup (RIVER VERDON)


Hong Kong Gold Cup (RIVER VERDON)




Stewards’ Cup (RIVER VERDON)





David Hill is a trainer whose has primary love of horses – he grooms the horses himself if necessary – underpins the hard work he happily applies in order to win races.




David enjoys the company of his wife Suzanne and three children (Christopher, Sarah, and Samantha).


He is also a good golf, tennis, cricket and squash player.





David Hill Official Website


Acknowledgement To Mr YU Chi Hung for supplying and verifying data.





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