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lady rider, woman tutor, female owner





1926-02-15, the first steeplechase meeting of the Fanling Hunt was held at the Kwanti Racecourse.
Governor and Lady Clementi attended and enjoyed this Chinese New Year Event at the new racecourse.
Its fourth race; the Open Light-weight Steeplechase, was unique in that for the first time in Hongkong history, there was a lady entrant.
Lady riders of Hongkong continuously entered the races held by the Fanling Hunt and Race Club and Macao Jockey Club since then.
1930s, the very good female jockeys successively showed their downright knowledge of horsemanship on Kwanti Racecourse and Macao Racecourse.
Lady Pamela Scott Harston surely was one of them.


Miss Scott Harston was the daughter of a well-known Hongkong lawyer, John Scott Harston.
1900, Harston first arrived Hongkong.
1904, he joined the law firm of Deacon which newly moved to the Prince’s Building.
Herbert Looker, Victor Deacon, and John Scott Harston had begun racing then.
1910, Pamela came to Hongkong when she was a mere 12 month-old and spent a happy childhood there with her elder sister and younger brother.
1920-01-01, later Harston became the chairman of the Hongkong Hotel Company and inaugurated the Repulse Bay Hotel with Governor Stubbs.
1928-12-11, Pamela attended and being part of the Peninsula Hotel inaugural festivities.





1929, this well-known lady jockey’s racing career was started smoothly.
1929-12-01, she got second in the Ladies Flat Race.
She won most of her races on Kwanti Racecourse, including Paper Chase Races, Steeplechases, Ladies’ Mile and Ladies’ Cup by her excellent show of horsemanship.
1930-03-30 Fanling Hunt Paper Chase, the course from Kwanti racecourse was over a distance of 10 miles and was laid by Miss Scott Harston, this was the first occasion on which this had been undertaken by a lady.
She raced with some excellent female jockeys, like Miss Fearon, Miss Dowbiggin and Mrs L G Frost (wife of the crack Jockey Mr L G Frost).


Miss Scott Harston, being a jockey and horse owner, had a string of ponies.
Her ponies, of course, were always top on the list, gave her rewards.
Here are some of Miss Scott Harston‘s wins:


1930-01-26 Fanling Paper Chase Races, the course of about 10 miles, 21 starters
Heavy Weights


1932-01-03 Race 6, The Ladies’ Cup (Unofficial), Flat Race of 1 Mile, 8 starters
Horse: AFRICAN EVE (145 lbs)
Won: Half-length
Pari-Mutuel: $5.62


1932-11-13_07 Macao Race, The Ladies’ Scramble (Unofficial), 7 Furlongs, 5 starters
Horse: PRESTWICK (145 lbs)
Time: 1 min.55.4 secs.
Won: A length
Pari-Mutuel: $19.30


With the HKJC blessing, she opened a riding school for children, which near her home on The Peak, and ran successfully.
1934-09-05, 《Hong Kong Telegraph》:
“The new school is well situated at No.529 The Peak, being surrounded by many bridle paths. It is hoped the more advanced pupils will use these paths when riding to Tytam or Deepwater Bay”.


Miss Scott Harston was not only energetic but also funny.
She let her pony BETSY to a great magician to perform magic at King’s Theatre.
1935-01-25, It is stated on the newspaper that :
“It is interesting to learn that the disappearing pony which has mystified these last two nights at the King’s Theatre, is none other than Miss Pamela Scott Harston’s pony BETSY.
BETSY, who is more used to work in Miss Pamela Scott Harston’s riding school, is placed with the mafoo, in a box in full sight of the audience and, in a flash, both pony and attendant disappear. Even the mafoo is uncertain as to where he is at times”.


1938-02-20 Race 6, Ladies’ Race, 1 1/2 Miles, 9 starters
Horse: ARAXY
Time: 1 min.10 sec.
Won: 2 lengths
Pari-Mutuel: $14.70


1938-02-20, Miss Scott Harston rode a brilliant race on her own ARAXY in the Ladies’ Race and had the satisfaction of winning easily.
1938-03-13, Mr B A Proulx won the “Hay and Corn” Stakes on ARAXY at the Happy Valley Racecourse.
1938-03-26, Miss Scott Harston‘s VALOROUS, mounted by Cyril Gregory won the Swatow Handicap at the Happy Valley Racecourse.





POW MAH page 132 commented:
“Pamela Scott Harston was a lady well known as a keen horsewoman”.


1979-01-26, an article depicted that Lady Scott Harston 40 years on her first return visit to Hongkong since 1938.
She made her sentimental journey to Hongkong at the invitation of the management of the Peninsula Hotel, to join in the 50th-anniversary celebrations of that establishment.


Female riders did not enter the races in Happy Valley before the professionalization of Hongkong racing.
But there were also great days out at Fanling, the drag hunts at Christmas, in particular, providing the old lady with warm recollections.





960 meters = 1/2 mile 170 yards; 1207 meters = 6 Furlong; 1609 meters = 1 mile; 1766 meters = 1 mile 171 yards; 2012 meters = 1-1/4miles; 2816 meters = 1-3/4 miles.






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Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah; Ms Suziepie; HKJC Archives; Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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