Happy Valley Trophy

Happy Valley Trophy


Joy of Wind


Happy Valley Trophy has been an evolving racing event in Hong Kong.

Its aim is to encourage owners acquiring competitive sprinters.

It has been held yearly in Happy Valley racecourse.


Fast as Swallow


Most of the racing distances are 1200 Meter

1993-1995, 1235 Meter

2006/2007, 1650 Meter

2008/2009, 1000 Meter




It was once held as the only Local Group Race in Happy Valley racecourse.


1993-11-10 the inaugural Happy Valley Trophy was a Local Group 3 Race.


1999-10-13 onwards, it had been no longer the First Leg of the Sprint Series.



List Of Winners Since 1993



Date Horse Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. time
1993-11-10 SOUND PRINT Edmund Tam Wing Fan P C Kan F Coetzee 1235 1.12.40
1994-11-09 HAPPY MONEY Nie Tit Shing J Moore B York 1235 1.11.90
1995-11-25 MR VITALITY Larry C K Yung I W Allan L O’Sullivan 1200 1.09.90
1996-11-20 WINNING PARTNERS Justin Yue Kwok Hung & Chow Wai Wai L Fownes W Woods 1200 1.11.00
1997-11-12 FASTEST STAR Poly Law Sung Fai S T Wong A Munro 1200 1.10.00
1998-11-11 BUMPER STORM Mr & Mrs Woo Koo Ping D Hill B Doyle 1200 1.09.30
1999-10-13 LORD OF WARRIORS Hung Shun Luk A S Cruz C H Tse 1200 1.09.90
2000-10-11 FAIRY KING PRAWN Mr & Mrs Lau Sak Hong I W Allan R Fradd 1200 1.09.30
2001-10-10 SOLID CONTACT Mydin Bin Hassan D Cruz D Whyte 1200 1.10.00
2002-10-09 BULL’S EYE Cheng Chi Tai K W Lui C Williams 1200 1.09.50
2004-04-17 TOWN OF FIONN Yeung Kwong Fat C S Shum G Schofield 1200 1.10.50
2005-01-19 BILLET EXPRESS David Pong Chun Yee J Moore C Soumillon 1200 1.10.10
2006-01-18 SHADOW KNIGHT Calvin Francis Tien J Moore E Saint-Martin 1200 1.10.20
2006-12-20 CONESTOGA Michael Lam King Poy D Cruz F Coetzee 1650 1.39.00
2007-12-19 KING ENCOSTA Mr & Mrs Patrick Fung Pak Tung A S Cruz E Saint-Martin 1200 1.10.00
2008-12-17 ADAIKALI Peter Chu Ka Lok S Woods W M Lai 1000 0.57.25
2009-12-23 NORMAN INVADER Eugene Chuang Yue Chien A S Cruz M Chadwick 1200 1.09.51
2010-12-23 TAI SING YEH Edwin Cheung Hon Kit K L Man D Whyte 1200 1.09.60
2011-12-21 AT MOMENT IN TIME Philip So Chang C S Shum Z Purton 1200 1.09.13
2012-12-19 EL ZONDA Thomas Mak Chi Wai, Mak Lam Fung King & David Mak Bing Cheung A S Cruz M Chadwick 1200 1.09.62
2013-12-26 HAPPY ERA Tung Chi Ho J Size B Prebble 1200 1.09.99
2014-12-17 DOMINEER Fashion Syndicate C Fownes Z Purton 1200 1.09.10
2016-02-24 DOMINEER Fashion Syndicate C Fownes Z Purton 1200 1.09.87
2017-02-15 BLOCKER DEE Mr & Mrs Kenneth Au-Yeung Wing C Fownes K Teetan 1200 1.09.90
2017-02-15 SEA JADE HK Golf Club Racing Syndicate J Moore J Moreira 1200 1.09.90
2018-02-21 BORN IN CHINA Guo Qin Jun, Kwok Ho & Chiu Yi K W Lui D Whyte 1200 1.09.11






Most Successful Jockey: Z Purton (3 times)


Most Successful Trainer: A S Cruz (4 times)


Happy Valley Trophy winner list has 2 Horses of the Year:







2015, no such trophy race for more than 12 months.







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