The base of origin and development of Hong Kong Horse Racing


Happy Valley Racecourse 快活谷馬場 is the first and one of the two operating racecourses for horse racing in Hong Kong.


It is located in Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island, surrounded by Wong Nai Chung Road and Morrison Hill Road.


British people cleared the swampland and developed the racecourse in 1945.


It has been run and operated since then.






1846– The first recorded formal Annual Race Meeting was held at Happy Valley.
● 1884- HKJC was founded.
● 1918-02-26 Happy Valley Racecourse Fire that caused the loss of 614 lives.
● 1931- The first concrete complex of Grandstands and stable were built.
● 1942- names was changed to Hong Kong Racing Club and Green leave Racing ground during the Japanese occupation.
● 1951- The two 3-storey stands were replaced by 7-storey architectures.
● 1957- two 7-storey structures, which were further expanded into the basic prototype of grandstand recognizable today.
● 1969- two seven-storey structures were expanded to form part of today’s viewing stands which can hold 55,000 racegoers.
● 1973- Night racing began on sand-track under flood lights encircling the turf.
● 1995- Happy Valley Racecourse is redeveloped and upgraded to an all grass racecourse with world-class facilities.
● 2001- the largest (LED)outdoor display replacing the previous one and became the record among other racecourses.






From the commencement of racing in the only flat land in Hong Kong island, meetings were initially staged once a year and usually timed to coincide with the Lunar New Year. Nowadays, races are usually held on every Wednesday night for 10 months in a year.


The new Happy Valley 30 meters wide turf track was rebuilt in 1995, and became a world-class horse racing facility. Several football, hockey and rugby fields are encircled by the race track as well as the Racing Museum and Administration Head-Quarter.


Buildings are all around after the facility and sport have been welcomed by the Chinese over a hundred years ago.


The world’s biggest racetrack LED screen was launched at the end of 2001, the Diamond Vision screen measuring about 35 metres in length by 8 metres in height, equivalent to some two thousand sets of 21″ TVs together.






According to written records related to the venues of Hong Kong racing, there have been Macao, Pokfulam, Happy Valley, Kwanti, Beas River and Sha Tin.
After the pioneering Racing Fund or Race Committee, these are the names of race clubs in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Jockey Club, Gymkhana Racing Club, Gwanti Race Club, Fanling Hunting and Racing Club, Hong Kong Race Club and Hong Kong Services Race Club.





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