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Most of the Governors regularly donated cups in the history of Hong Kong racing.
There were Plenipotentiary’s Cup before the Governor‘s Cup.
Almost half of the trophy winners were ponies, because the Governor’s Cup was for China ponies.





The Plenipotentiary’s Cup, first presented by the Governor, Sir John Davis.
It became the principal race at all the early Hong Kong meetings.
It was because Governors usually presented the trophy to the champions personally.

But the trophy race disappeared from Hong Kong race programme since 1856.

The records tell of the Robinson Challenge Cup (for subscription griffins), presented by His Excellency Sir William Robinson.


The trophy became the Blake Challenge Cup when Sir Henry Blake came out.


Sir Matthew Nathan did not attach his name to the Cup, which was called thereafter “The Governor’s Cup”.
Instead, Sir Matthew added an event to the programme, donating the Gold Coast Cup.


Sir Paul Chater’s string numbered fifteen ponies, seven were his first crop of successful DAHLIAS. Among them they won eleven races.
MONARCH DAHLIA landed the Racing Stakes and the Governor’s Cup.


Mr Hill rode here at the Annual when he won the Champions (on LIBERTY BAY), the Governor’s Cup and the Chater Cup.


Before the war, the last Governor’s Cup ever was held at the Fanling Hunt and Race Club in the New Territories, Hongkong.
Presented by Sir Geoffry Northcote, it was won by Mrs Butcher’s MARCH BROWN.


For obvious reasons the Governor‘s Cup was not run during the Japanese occupation.


The Governor’s Cup was given over to the Walers.
Some of the Australian events overflowed with entries. For the the Governor’s Cup 68.


After World War II, the Governor’s Cup had been discontinued for a few decade.
1947-01-13 the first post-War Annual was held on January 13, 14 and 18 — there was no Governor’s Cup nor Garrison Cup.


1974-1975 season, the Governor‘s Cup re-appeared under the patronage of Sir Murray Maclehose.
The handsome silver trophy with elegant ears and a fluted lid is a replica of The Eglinton Hunt Cup Steeplechase trophy made in London in 1796, during the rein of King George III.
The distance was measured in meters of 1650 for Class 1 horses.
Winner SUPER WIN, ridden by Gary Moore, snapped away $23,125 from competitor SUN LORD ($9,250), ridden by Gary’s brother, John Moore.


Winner SILVER LINING, ridden by Gary Moore, won the Governor’s Cup presented by Sir Murray Maclehose.





Date Jockey Horse Trainer Dist Brand Owner
1985-01-30 J K S Ho FAIRY TALE T L Lee 1800 AV108 Yeung Kwok Hing
1985-12-18 G W Moore ASIAN SPLENDOR J Moore 1800 AV014 Sidney Wong, David Wong
1987-02-11 A S Cruz WILLIAMSBURG H F Lam 1235 BB144 Ma Hay Yan
1987-12-23 B Compton GOLD APPLE J Moore 1235 BC010 Quo Wei Lee
1988-12-21 P Leyshan PRIDE OF HONG KONG G Lane 1650 BE076 Mr & Mrs B K Murjani
1989-12-20 K H Ting JOEY P C Kan 0975 AT144 Lim Por Yen
1991-02-27 B Thomson MONEYLAND P C Kan 1650 BG317 Cheung Wah Fung
1992-01-08 D Brereton MONEY HORSE G Lane 1235 BG374 Young Shiu Hong
1993-03-17 J Marshall SAGAR B Hutchison 2100 BK052 B N Harilela
1994-03-16 J Marshall SURVEY KING J Moore 1650 BK072 Mak Kang Hoi
1995-01-11 J Marshall HAPPY HUNTING D Hill 1235 BM025 Laurence Pang Chak Tong
1996-02-07 M Kinane LEGITIMATE D Oughton 1800 BM240 Good Fortune Syndicate
1997-01-08 A Marcus GRASSLAND STAR P C Kan 1000 BL108 Chau Kam Chuen





By then racing at the Jockey Club had become professional, thoroughbreds were raced, and were divided into 8 classes with the best in Class 1.


1997-01-08 was the last running of the Governor‘s Cup in the 1996-1997 season.
1997-09-06 the traditional event was followed by the 1997-1998 season running of the HKSAR Chief Executive Cup.
By that time, Hong Kong was transformed from a British Colony to a Special Administrative Region of China.





MARCH BROWN, or Rhithrogena germanica, is the most famous of all British mayflies used in fly fishing.





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Acknowledgement to Mr. Bernard Yiu and HKJC Racing Registr.





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