[:en]GILGIT (AS142)[:zh]超捷 (AS142)[:]

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  1. RicoCell says:

    GILGIT‘s 11 victory all won by Gary Moore except its inaugural won by S Morris, step son of Trainer Frank Carr.

  2. RicoCell says:


  3. hoof hoof says:

    GILGIT broke the 7 furlong record in the 1984 Stewards Cup.

  4. hoof hoof says:


  5. hoof hoof says:

    GILGIT had won three races in 1983/84 season, with another Sandown Cup victory.

  6. hoof hoof says:

    當年超捷評144分, 係職業賽後最高紀錄!

  7. WrenSo says:

    GILGIT‘s won in the Sha Tin Trophy just a fortnight after his Hermes Cup triumph.

  8. WrenSo says:


  9. WrenSo says:

    GILGIT carrying 150 lbs wins by 4 lengths in the Sha Tin Trophy.

  10. rewon says:


  11. rewon says:

    GILGIT outclassed his Class One and Two rivals both in pedigree and spirit.

  12. rewon says:

    練馬師佐治摩亞計劃超捷 在百週年紀念銀瓶賽後退休 可惜壯志未籌 好夢難圓.

  13. rewon says:

    Alan Li, GILGIT‘s owner, was very confident after capturing the inaugural Hermes Cup!

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