The First Sire For Stud from Hong Kong raced in USA


1978-04-25 GILGIT was foaled.

One of the first shipment of Private Purchase from France.


Country of Origin : FR Owner : Mr & Mrs Alan Li Fook Sum
Colour / Sex : Chestnut / Sire Last Rating : 144
Import Type : PP Sire : Kashmir II
Total Stakes* : $1,487,482 Dam : Beckley
No. of 1-2-3-Starts* : 11-4-5-24 Dam’s Sire : TATAN




Trophies Scorer of the 1980s


GILGIT ridden by S Morris gave an inaugural winner a 60 to 1 odds and a remarkable Dividend of $3000 Quinella with PUBLIC ADMIRATION (AM133).


1981, its first season had 5 victories and nearly invincible in the distance of 1400 to 1650 meter in the early 1980s.


Its weakness shown when meeting with CO-TACK or in yielding ground.






YYYY-MM-DD_R Jockey Horse Run Class Dist. Cour. Time Race Odd
1981-11-07_3 Morris S GILGIT 11 1/2 1400 St-T 1.25.4 Class 1 & 2 Handicap 62
1981-12-05_6 Moore G W GILGIT 13 Open 1400 St-T 1.22.8 The Hongkong Derby Trial 2.2
1982-01-01_5 Moore G W GILGIT 10 1 1650 Hv-T 1.40.9 Chinese Club Cup 1.7
1982-03-20_6 Moore G W GILGIT 9 1/2 1600 St-T 1.35.9 The Sandown Park Challenge Cup 1.5
1982-04-12_7 Moore G W GILGIT 8 Grif 1650 Hv-T 1.41.3 The Centurion Stakes 1.5
1983-01-01_4 Moore G W GILGIT 10 1/2 1650 Hv-T 1.39.7 Chinese Club Cup 2.1
1983-12-03_5 Moore G W GILGIT 13 1/2 1400 St-T 1.22.7 The Hermes Cup 4.9
1984-02-18_5 Moore G W GILGIT 14 1/2 1600 St-T 1.35.3 The Sandown Park Challenge Cup 3.5
1984-03-04_5 Moore G W GILGIT 14 1 1400 St-T 1.22.1 Stewards Cup 1.8
1984-11-03_4 Moore G W GILGIT 14 1/2 1400 St-T 1.21.6 The Hermes Cup 1.7
1984-11-17_4 Moore G W GILGIT 12 1/2 1600 St-T 1.34.9 The Shatin Trophy 2.5





An disappointment for GILGIT‘s narrow defeat by SUPERIOR GOLD (BA063) 1800 metre Centenary Cup.


Due to the weight it carried, it could not win that became its last but special and the most important race.


George Moore reiterated that, “GILGIT is a very good racehorse“.


GIGLGIT’s stud in USA proven to be another disappointment as GILGIT II was not up to the expectation later in its runs in Hong Kong.






Gilgit, (Urdu/Burushaski: گلگت, Hindi: गिलगित) is the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan, Gilgit City, Pakistan.


GILGIT was ceded to Gulab Singh of Jammu and Kashmir in 1846 by the Treaty of Amritsar.


GILGIT is a Cantonese Pronunciation combined with the meaning of its Blood Line from KASHMIR II.






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GILGIT — racing record in USA – Courtesy: Mr Bernard Yiu




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