MOSSE, Gérald

Gérald Mossé 巫斯義 one of the top well groomed and suavest French jockeys has ridden in Hong Kong and other racing regions.



Chronological Highlights


  • 1967-01-03 born and raised in the south-west of France
  • 1983-04-15 had his first ride at the age of 15
  • 1990-10-07 on SAUMAREZ won Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe
  • 1991-12-15 on RIVER VERDON won Hong Kong Cup
  • 1994-02-27 on SUPER FIT won Hong Kong Derby
  • 1998-12-13 on JIM AND TONIC won the Hong Kong Mile
  • 1999-04-18 on JIM AND TONIC won the AUDEMARS PIGUET QE II CUP
  • 1999-12-12 on JIM AND TONIC won the Hong Kong Cup
  • 2001-03-25 on INDUSTRIAL PIONEER won the Hong Kong Derby
  • 2003-03-23 on ELEGANT FASHION won the Hong Kong Derby
  • 2005-05-14 on BULLISH LUCK stopped SILENT WITNESS‘s 17 straight wins in the Champions Mile
  • 2010-11-01 on AMERICAIN won in Flemington 150th Emirates Melbourne Cup
  • 2010-12-12 on BEAUTY FLASH in the CXHK Mile
  • 2011-01-30 on BEAUTY FLASH in the Stewards’ Cup
  • 2011-03-06 on BEAUTY FLASH in the Queen‘s Silver Jubilee




    Gérald Mossé is one of an elite group of jockeys to have ridden more than 500 winners in Hong Kong.

    Being former champion apprentice in France Mosse has ridden some 50+ Group1 winners in Europe.

    He has also won all the French Classics and all Classic Races in Hong Kong.

    And people regard him as one of the top four French jockeys ( E Saint-Martin, Peslier Olivier and Jarnet Thierry).
    He became the first jockey to win the Hong Kong International Races, got the Hong Kong Cup twice, and three-time Hong Kong Derby winner.





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