Flyaway Cup


Pace With Wing


All the governors have been patrons of HKJC under British Administration.


Sir David Trench was not the first or only Governor who owned a race horse.


1965, his horse was raced and named as FLYAWAY.


1966-10-15 was the opening day of the race season.


FLYAWAY landed its inaugural victory by half-length.


Lady David Trench led in the winner with greetings.


It was trained by E K Tokmakoff and ridden by Derek T C Cheng.


But this horse ran only two or three years before its retirement.


Flyaway Cup had been established later by RHKJC to commemorate the horse.


Race With Wind


1979 and thereafter, according to the record:


Flyaway Cup has been held on a distance from 1400 to 2230 meter.


1988-05-25 was the only raced on sand, among all other on Turf.


1990-06-10 and thereafter, the last Flyaway Cup had been run at Sha Tin until the trophy race ceased on 1997-06-09.





The Flyaway Cup since 1979
Race No. Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Tk. Dist. Time
1979-09-29 Z033 LUCKY PIERRE G W Moore Moore G. B K Murjani HV 1650 1.45.10
1981-05-16 AP117 WYNNWITH W Burnett Robertson C. Robert Yue King Cheong HV 1800 1.52.90
1983-01-01 AP117 WYNNWITH P Paquet Collingwood E. Robert Yue King Cheong HV 1800 1.51.60
1984-05-26 AS066 UNIFICATION N Campton Moore G. Mr & Mrs Mok Ying Kie HV 1235 1.21.00
1985-06-01 AV050 BETTABOB G W Moore Moore G. R S Huthart HV 1235 1.17.10
1986-05-31 AP082 SMALL WONDER T P Yung Cheung H.M. Norbert Shanks HV 1800 1.50.70
1987-05-13 BB179 FAIR PLAYER D Lee Wong S.T. Tung Chao U HV 1650 1.40.10
1988-05-25 BB138 ART COLLECTION P Waldron Ng B.K. ABC Syndicate HV 2000 2.11.20
1989-05-24 AT090 GREAT SPEED K N Wong Collingwood E. Sydney Leong Siu Wing HV 2230 2.22.60
1990-06-10 BG370 FREEDOM REIGNS N Tiley Wong S.T. Frank F Pong ST 2200 2.23.20
1991-06-09 BH180 STAR OF LIHLIN L O’Sullivan Begg N. Cheung Lun ST 1400 1.25.70
1992-06-07 BG301 VALIANT LANCER C F Chan Wong S.T. The Hon John J Swaine ST 2000 2.05.70
1993-06-13 BG379 ALLEZ AU BON N Tiley Wong S.T. Fraternity Syndicate ST 2000 2.07.90
1994-06-05 BK101 LUCKY CLOVER D Lee Ng B.K. Sherman Ting Wing Cheung ST 1800 1.51.50
1995-06-11 BJ037 AASHIQ K M So Fownes L. Indian Horse Lovers Syndicate ST 1400 1.25.40
1996-06-09 BK156 GOLD YUE YEE F Coetzee Kan P.C. Mr & Mrs U Tat Ming ST 1400 1.22.70
1997-06-15 BN235 MULTI-STAR D Whyte Yiu P.F. Lyraa Ng Yin Mui ST 1800 1.49.50




From the proven record of Flyaway Cup:


The Most Winning Horses


twice by WYNNWITH


The Most Winning Owner:


twice each by Sir John J Swaine and Mr Robert Yue King Cheong


The Most Winning Trainer:


4 times by S T Wong


The Most Winning Jockey:


3 times Bill Burnett: 74-75 RAPID ROCK, 78-79 MENELAUS, 80-81 WYNNWITH




1977-05-14, CORVETTE, the only filly that won the trophy ever.


1997 and thereafter, trophies with colonial connotation such as Flyaway Cup, Governor‘s Cup and Centurion Trophy have been renamed or replaced.





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