fatality of jockey

Mortality And Mishap; Calamity And Misery





Bravery, dedication and risk taking are prerequisites of almost every sport.
These qualities are found in abundance in racing.
Jockeys are elite athletes who quite literally place their lives every time they conduct training or compete in a race.





Jockeys have a very dangerous occupation.
In the saddle there is the possibility for wealth and glory; but there is also the possibility of serious injury – or even death.
Their career may end in a race fall in front of thousands or millions of spectators.
Frequently mishaps could occur before, during or after but related to events on the racing or training tracks.
Sadly, serious injuries are a frequent occurrence, and a few riders have lost their lives since Hong Kong racing first began.





Jockeys who raced in Hong Kong but with fatality mishaps:


Happy Valley:
1937-04-10_9 [4] Liang Sai-yen – TABBY CAT
1948-02-28_9 [9] Tang Man-wa – SUNSHINE
1948-11-06_9 [2] Lo Sui-lam – AMIGO
1960-01-02_4 [5] Samarcq M R – AS YOU LIKE IT
1961-01-21_1 [5] Neel J S C – FAMORAN
1965-04-17_3 [1] Ho Wai-hong Stanley – TRY MY UTMOST
1956-10-10 trackwork Wong tsang-lian – SO NICE (>T065)


Sha Tin:
1984-12-08_8 [6] Taylor B – SILVER STAR
1999-03-21_3 [10] Kan W Y W – HAPPY KING
2000-09-23_4 [12] Cheng C T – FOR MY WISHES


1983-05-07_7 A K Cheam AZLINA Ipoh Malaysia
1992 -08-21 Noel Barker FATHER TIME Randwick Australia





Upon confirmation of the fatality, the un-held races could be canceled or abandoned.
Flags of HKJC could be put at half mast as a sign of mourning and salute.
Folk or religious ceremonies were recorded as being performed later upon request.
Racing history, however, should recognize those jockeys prematurely retired due to injuries or death.
Jockeys put their bodies on the line everyday around tracks in the pursuit of their sport and their passion.
Serious injury and occasionally death, are real factors in their day to day working life.
While accident insurance has become an essential feature of racing, all too often there are cases where jockeys and or their families are plunged into financial hardship.
Trusts for the purpose of providing funds and other benefits for the relief of the financial difficulties and needs of those unfortunate jockeys, apprentice jockeys and their families.
Especially where such mishaps arise through serious injury, illness or death of a jockey, no matter happened in Hong Kong or overseas, charity races or Special Memorial Races have been held.





Special Memorial Races:
1985-02-10 Brian Taylor Memorial Jockeys Team Competition
1992-09-13_2 Noel Barker Memorial Handicap
1994-06-05_1 Francis K S Lam Memorial Handicap





fatality – video showcase
fatality – photo gallery



Acknowledgment to Mr Lacuda Mengnah for relevant data.





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