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1926-02-15, Monday, the first steeplechase meeting of the Fanling Hunt Club was held at the Kwanti Racecourse afternoon.
It was the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year.
The inaugural race meeting was run with a good attendance and good weather prevailing.
The sport was excellent throughout, especially by feature races of the afternoon.
Being Mrs Bower’s win in the Open Light-weight Steeplechase, the result of the 4th race was historical.

It was won by a lady jockey never before but in all respects a very popular result.





His Excellency The Governor arrived shortly before the first race and stayed to the end.
The special train carried only 340 from Kowloon, but there was a good number of racegoers by cars.

But the cash sweeps were not well patronized.
The best win of the day was just over $400.
It was mainly due to the exclusion of the Chinese.


The Marine Band of HMS Hawkins played during the intervals between races.
Naval men operated the number boards and notice frames.


5 events as programmes were:
1. The Causeway Bay Steeplechase
2. The Hunt Steeplechase
3. The Fanling National (Open Heavy-weight Steeplechase)
4. The Open Light-weight Steeplechase
5. The Volunteer Hunt Cup


The 4th race, the Open Light-weight Steeplechase, was unique in that for the first time in Hongkong’s racing history.
There was a lady entrant.
In a favorable position throughout in a field of six, Mrs Bower won a splendid race.
Charles, on DRAKE, gave the lady a run and head her on the first round.
But maintaining a steady pace, none of the opposition could make an impression on CHERITON VALE.
Leading over the last fence, Mrs Bower brought home her mount, by three lengths.
To the great delight of the Naval contingent present, the horse was owned by Lieut. Comr. Spragge, of HMS Ambrose.





On the conclusion of the programme, Lady Clementi presented the cups to the successful competitors.
On the call of Steward Mr. Henry Birkett, she was given three -cheers for her kindly interest in the initial meeting of the Fanling Hunt.


The officials at the meeting were:
His Excellency the Governor, Sir Cecil Clementi, K.C.M.G.


Honorary Stewards:
H. E. Vice-Admiral Sir G. S. Alexander Sinclair, K.C.B., M.V.O.
H. E. Major-General Charles Camac Luard, CB, CMG


D. G. M. Bernard, Esq.
M. T. Johnson, Esq.
Lieut.-Col. G. K. Hall Brutton
R. J. Prettie, Esq
Sir Paul Chater, Kt., C.M.G.
C. A. Peel, Esq.
R. M. Dyer, Esq.
H. P. White, Esq.
Sir Henry Gollan, Kt., C.B.E.
H. Birkett, Esq.
Dr. F. Pierce-Grove


Joint Masters:
Judges: H. P. White, Esq.
R. J. Paterson, Esq.


Lieut.-Col. G. K. Hall Brutton


Clerk of Scales and Timekeeper:
C. A. Peel, Esq.


Clerk of the Course:
Dr. F. Pierce-Grove





Major-General Charles Camac Luard, CB, CMG (14 September 1867 – 28 June 1947) was Commander of British Troops in South China. Luard Road in Wan Chai is named after him, not named after the 14th Governor of Hong Kong, Lord Frederick Lugard.
960 meters = 1/2 mile 170 yards; 1207 meters = 6 Furlong; 1609 meters = 1 mile; 1766 meters = 1 mile 171 yards; 2012 meters = 1-1/4miles; 2816 meters = 1-3/4 miles.






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Acknowledgment to HKJC Archives; Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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