FaKei Cup


Flag of Flora


Fakei” in Chinese colloquial, is another term for the “Stars and Stripes”, the USA national flag.



Race for America


1856, inaugural run in Happy Valley.


It was won by Jardine‘s GREY FRIAR.


1875, the race discontinued from the racing calendar.


1976, the tropky race was subsequently revived.


It has been120 years after it’s first run in Hong Kong.


A new cup was presented by Hong Kong‘s American community to commemorate the United States’ bicentenary.


Annual race for the trophy has been held thereafter.





Race Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Loca. Dist. Time
1979-11-17 SMALL PARCELS D Brosnan Tam M.K. Norbert Shanks ST 1600 1.38.80
1980-11-16 SUPER PLENTIFUL A S Cruz Ng C.L. Yau Shui Tong ST 1800 1.49.30
1981-11-15 BERNCASTLER Y S Tsui Kan P.C. Michael Wu Fook ST 2050 2.06.90
1982-11-13 ELECTRONIC REIGN P Paquet Kent D. Kam Sun ST 2050 2.08.60
1983-12-17 MAORI MELODY P Leyshan Ward A. Mr & Mrs W P R Wavish ST 2000 2.08.70
1984-11-11 MASQUERADE P Trotter Robertson C. Mr & Mrs Harry Gilmore ST 1400 1.23.50
1985-11-16 GOOD VENTURE A S Cruz Ng B.K. Daniel Koo Shing Cheong ST 2200 2.17.00
1986-11-22 SUPER MEDALLION S Aitken Au K.H. John Leung Sai Kwong & Michael Tam Ho Chuen HV 1575 1.42.80
1987-11-22 HAPPY COMPUTER W Woods Fownes L. Sham Melwani ST 2000 2.08.60
1988-11-19 SWEEPING WIN B Leisher Kan P.C. Lee Kai Lun HV 1235 1.13.60
1989-11-18 BETTABOB W Woods Moore J. R S Huthart HV 1235 1.14.10
1990-11-17 SKY HORSE W Woods Fownes L. Elaine Ho, Helen Ho & Yvonne Cumine HV 1800 1.52.50
1991-11-24 GANBARIA D Murphy Lo K.C. Robert Chan Chin Yuan ST 1800 1.50.40
1992-11-14 AASHIQ D Gauci Fownes L. Indian Horse Lovers Syndicate ST 1400 1.24.00
1993-11-06 DEBONAIR B Marcus Hill D. Kamla Kapahi & Subash L Chulani ST 1000 0.58.40
1994-11-19 GOT IT MADE E Legrix Biancone P.L. Boniface Ho Ka Kui & Stephen Chang Tso Tung ST 1200 1.11.40
1995-11-15 GLAMOROUS PALACE E Legrix Biancone P.L. Mr & Mrs Fung Fuk Tong ST 1600 1.38.10
1996-11-20 PERKYMAN J Murtagh Hutchison B. Edmond Wong Hak Chuen HV 1650 1.42.70
1997-11-26 PO ON POWER W M Lai Moore J. Po On Commercial Assn Syndicate HV 1800 1.50.20
1998-11-25 SEATTLE PRIDE K H Yu Moore J. Lawrence Chan Wing Tat HV 1650 1.42.40
1999-11-17 BRILLIANT LEADER D Whyte Hutchison B. Wu Hiu Chiu ST 2000 2.03.90
2000-11-15 STOIC W Woods Fownes L. Stephen Yip Moon Wah HV 1650 1.41.30
2001-11-10 CHIU CHOW BROTHER S King Size J. Charlie Lam Leung Seng ST 1600 1.35.00
2002-11-10 OPERATION HUMOUR O Doleuze Cruz D. Dr Chan Ho Ming ST 1400 1.22.80
2003-11-02 BOBO WIN G Schofield Cruz D. Ernest Chiu Sung Bun, Edmond Chiu Sung Pak & Vincent Chiu Shung Wai ST 1400 1.22.20
2004-11-17 BILLET EXPRESS G Schofield Moore J. David Pong Chun Yee HV 1000 0.57.40
2005-10-09 SUCCESSOR O Doleuze Lee A. Wong Yuet Sing, Wong Hung Cheong, Cheung Tat Yam & Lo Kwok Wai ST 1200 1.09.40
2006-11-15 KING HESPERUS M Nunes Ferraris D.E. The Hon Ronald Arculli ST 1800 1.51.70
2007-11-14 TOP HONOR G Mosse Lee A. Mr & Mrs Lai Wai Chi ST 1800 1.49.00
2008-10-29 SUNNY GOLF M Du Plessis Moore J. Matthew Wong Leung Pak ST 1650 1.39.71
2009-11-04 CENTURY SUPER STAR W M Lai Schutz A. Yip Kwok Wai ST 1200 1.08.93
2010-11-10 FUN RIDER T Angland Cruz D. Louie Yang Si Hang HV 1650 1.41.54
2011-11-09 SUPER PLUS T H So Ng B.K. Lam Leung Hung HV 1000 0.57.88
2012-11-07 JOLLY FINE G Mosse Yiu P.F. Kenny Cheng Tsin Ki HV 1650 1.40.94
2013-10-20 ENSEMBLE O Doleuze J Size Ada Wong Yin Man HV 1000 0.57.20
2014-10-15 HORSE APLENTY H W Lai Y S Tsui Hi-Lo Syndicate HV 1800 1.48.61
2015-09-28 WINNING INSTINCT Z Purton P O’Sullivan All The Best Syndicate ST 1600 1.35.87
2016-10-19 WAH MAY BABY D Whyte A S Cruz Mr & Mrs Lau Ying Wah HV 1650 1.40.14
2017-09-13 E-SUPER M F Poon K L Man HKEIA Horse Racing Syndicate HV 1000 0.57.33




1970s, after the professionalization of Hong Kong racing:


The Most Winning Trainer:
5 times by J Moore


The Most Winning Jockey:
4 times by W Woods





The racing distances ranged between1000 – 2200 meter.


The racing locations almost divided between Happy Valley and Sha Tin.






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