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1731-07-16, Wu Guo-ying was born in Quán Zhōu Fujian Province.

1784, named and signed as “Howqua” he formed his company “Ewo” Hong and trading in good reputation with the British merchants.

Ewo has two prounciations as Yi Wo, meaning: Happy Harmony.

1810-04-30 , Wu Guo-ying died.

1832-07-01, Jardine, Matheson & Company, a partnership between William Jardine, James Matheson as senior partner, was formed in China.


It has been one of the most powerful, resourceful and influential corporations in the East.



Happy Harmony


Howqua, the merchant-name still used by younger generations of Wu Guo-ying who were still very closely collaborating with the Jardines.


1842-08-29 Treaty of Nanking spelled the end of the Thirteen Factories, Jardine Matheson & Co shifted to use “Ewo” as their Chinese name.


1929 – 1937, the Ewo Handicap was run both in Hong Kong and in Shanghai.


In those days, times of amateur horse racing, there was no weight restriction.


The only qualification for the rider was that he had to be a member of the Jardine Matheson & Co or the Jardine Engineering Corporation.


1928-11-30, in the result of the 9th Extra Meeting, the first discoverable record of the Ewo Handicap.


It was an unofficial race for members of Jardines‘ staff.


1931, Ewo event, Mr Heard on THE GENERAL was 184 lbs. (14 lbs overweight).


1932, Ewo event, the winner, Mr Crowe on THE SHELDRAKE, weight 185 lbs. and paid a dividend of $106.50.


1934, Ewo event, the winner, Mr Keswick on TWO CLUBS, a well abacked second, tipped the scale at 193 lbs.


1935, Ewo event, the winner, Mr Hopkins on BOOTLE, carried 130 lbs., and had a furlong start for the mile.


Handicapping in yards as well as in lbs was adopted.


The winning owner received a cup and the owner of the last placed horse was presented with a wooden spoon.





1982-04-03, Jardine Matheson & Co celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding.


As part of the commemorative celebrations, a perpetual challenge trophy was donated to HKJC.





Race Hor. No. Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Loc. Distance R.Time
1982-04-03 AN129 PENNY LANE P Leyshan Fownes L. Tony Wong Kai Tung HV 1800 1.54.50
1983-04-02 AM190 HUGHENDEN A S Cruz Wong T.P. Dr Peter Wu Hin Ting HV 2000 2.13.30
1984-03-24 AS162 PENTALPHA P Leyshan Ward A. Clifford Liu ST 1000 0.59.00
1985-03-16 AT063 DOUBLE FIRST L Piggott Cheng T.C. Charles Shek Shih-Yueh ST 2250 2.21.40
1986-03-08 BB121 POWERHOUSE W Woods Fownes L. Norbert Shanks ST 2050 2.05.90
1987-03-07 AS150 TOP CHAMP C W Mak Ng C.L. Johnny Ng Ting Po ST 2250 2.22.50
1988-03-09 BC078 BREAK AWAY J K S Ho Ng B.K. Lo Sing Pui HV 2400 2.29.40
1989-02-18 BB167 JOY B Leisher Kan P.C. Ching Man Kit HV 1650 1.42.20
1990-02-17 BB008 GEM OF INDIA W Woods Fownes L. Nav Bharat Club Syndicate ST 2450 2.40.60
1991-01-27 BH194 DRAGON JET B Thomson Kan P.C. Lau Wong Fat ST 2450 2.39.00
1992-01-25 BH168 DIVINE HERO B Marcus Ng B.K. Desmond Tam Wing Kee ST 1800 1.48.30
1993-01-30 BJ187 SABOATAN J Marshall Cheung T.P. Mr & Mrs Yem Ming ST 1400 1.23.30
1994-01-29 BK142 WONDERFUL MOMENT B Marcus Allan I.W. Lam Wan Sing ST 1400 1.23.00
1995-01-21 BK169 MAGIC JOY D Holland Lane G. Li Chung I ST 1200 1.10.50
1996-01-20 BN120 OPTION G Childs Begg N. Mr & Mrs Mok Ying Kie ST 1200 1.10.10
1997-01-18 BL216 SKY COAST C W Choi Leung S.L. Cheung Yan Lung ST 2000 2.02.70
1998-02-01 BP018 SIR GALWAY W Y Kan Kan P.C. Mr & Mrs Milton Wong Hor Sing HV 1800 1.50.30
1999-01-09 BS029 LORD OF WARRIORS E Saint-Martin Cruz A.S. Hung Shun Luk ST 1800 1.48.60
2000-01-08 BS029 LORD OF WARRIORS F Coetzee Cruz A.S. Hung Shun Luk ST 2000 2.03.20
2001-01-06 V066 SPLENDID PATROL Y T Cheng Wong T.P. Gordon Fung Ping Chung, Weldon Fung Wai Yuen, Peter Fung Wai Chang & Winnie Fung Man Yiu ST 1400 1.22.80
2002-01-12 T194 GREENMORE E Legrix Wong S.T. Ching Man Kit ST 2000 2.03.10
2003-01-11 B351 FORTE S Dye Size J. Joseph Chan Ka Lai & Raymond Chan Ka Shun ST 1000 0.56.80
2004-02-07 C154 DELIGHTFUL WIN G Schofield Moore J. Dr Lor Kai Hung & Kathryn Louey Wai Hung ST 1400 1.23.40
2005-01-23 E089 LEILATI B Prebble Oughton D. Mr & Mrs Nagy el-Azar ST 1600 1.36.00
2006-03-15 E001 GREENESSY Y T Cheng Cruz D. Li Wing Hon & Tung Lai Kwan HV 2200 2.16.40
2007-03-21 E266 MATIRI KING Y T Cheng Yip C.H. James Lau Po Man & Alice Woo Wai See HV 2200 2.20.60
2008-04-02 H006 LOLLIPOP G Mosse Fownes C. Mr & Mrs Ling Wai Sun HV 1200 1.10.40
2009-03-01 K143 ONE WEE ACORN D Whyte Ferraris D.E. Winston Chow Wing Kin ST 1000 0.57.52
2010-03-10 K132 EL ZONDA M Chadwick Cruz A.S. Thomas Mak Chi Wai, Mak Lam Fung King & David Mak Bing Cheung HV 1000 0.57.20
2011-03-30 K292 AMEDEO G Cheyne Millard A.T. Bonnie Fong Shin Tsing HV 1000 0.57.12
2012-03-07 L431 EASY GOLD O Doleuze Gibson R. Peter Wan Kam To HV 1800 1.53.30
2013-04-17 L383 IMPECCABLE C Y Lui P F Yiu 09/10 Ricky Yiu Trainer Syndicate HV 1200 1.10.53
2014-03-19 N066 O’HALO M Chadwick W S So Brothers Syndicate HV 1200 1.10.29
2015-04-15 M382 LOVING STAR D Whyte T K Ng Loving Birds Syndicate HV 1650 1.40.35
2016-04-13 S307 JUN HUO D Whyte K W Lui Guo Qin Jun HV 1650 1.40.43
2017-03-29 T209 TRAVEL COMFORTS H T Mo A T Millard David Hui Cheung Wing HV 1000 0.56.89
2018-04-18 A426 CLEAR CHOICE M L Yeung C S Shum Eighth Floor Syndicate HV 1200 1.10.40
2019-03-13 B102 ALPHA HEDGE C Y Ho K W Lui Absolute Hedge Syndicate HV 1650 1.40.05





1983-04-02, the only Ewo Challenge Cup was raced on sand once.


The Most Winning Horses:



The Most Winning Owners:

2 times by Hung Shun Luk


The Most Winning Trainers:

3 times by L Fownes, P C Kan, A S Cruz


The Most Winning Jockeys:

3 times by Y T Cheng, D Whyte






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