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Rose of the East


1877-07-23, Eu Tong Sen was born in Penang.

He was the only son of Eu Kong-pui also known as Eu Kong (1853 – 1891) by his first wife, Madam Leung.

Eu Kong Pui was the founder of Chinese medicine company Eu Yan Sang.

He was descent of Foshan in Guangdong, China and settled down in the small mining town of Gopeng, Perak.

Eu Tong Sen was a leading businessman in Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong during the late 19th and early 20th century.

He was vice-president of the Anti-Opium Society and a member of the Kinta Sanitary Board.



Race of the West


Eu and Chung Thye Phin, the Kapitan China of Perak, were “blood” brothers

They had keen interests on motorcars, racehorses, country houses, etc.

1903 when the Ipoh Gymkhana Club was founded, both of them decided to enter their thoroughbreds regularly in the Ipoh races.

They jointly built a weekend retreat, “Forest Lodge”, at Gopeng Road with a large stable.




1923, for numerical strength in Hong Kong racing, the honors probably belong to Mr Eu Tong-sen.

He was the millionaire who built the attractive castles at Repulse Bay and Bonham Road, and whose sons perpetuate his prominence in Hong Kong life.


1932, Eu began with one pony, named JACK SHARKEY, paying tribute to an American heavyweight boxing champion.

Later he owned the fine ROSE ponies (ROSE ELECT, ROSE EVELYN, ..etc.).


1935, for China griffins, Mr Eu Tong-sen’s ROSE QUEEN won three and was placed in all but one of her 14 starts.

1935-02-18 《Hong Kong Telegraph》reported that over ROSE QUEEN , HEROD wins H. K. Derby.

1935-02-18《The China Mail》Derby, half length verdict over ROSE QUEEN.

At the Fourth Extra Meeting, ROSE QUEEN and Mr Dynasty’s KING’S JUBILEE dead-heated for the St. George’s Plate Handicap and Mr Eu tossed Mr Pearce for the trophy, and won.

1935-10-22, at the Ninth Extra Meeting, ROSE EVELYN, after unseating its jockey (Mr Encarnacao) at the starting post, trotted almost twice around the track before being caught.

Established favourite, she then gladdened many people with an excellent win, to pay $15.


1936-02-17《Industrial Commercial Daily Press》reported that ROSE MARY withdrew from Derby due to injuries during training.


1938, for size of stables, Mr Lan and Mr Eu Tong-sen shared the honours with 11 each. Mrs Eu also had three.

1938-02-22, another notable newcomer was Mr Eu Tong-sen’s Cameronian. In eight starts he won four and was placed in the rest. In the American Club Cup on the third day he was the only starter.


1939, Mr Eu Tong-sen was the largest participant. His string had grown to 20, while Mrs Eu had one.

Best performances of China ponies in 1939 were those of Mr Eu Tong-sen’s ROSE ELECT.

1939-03-04《Hong Kong Telegraph》had a photo of ROSE ELECT ridden by Encarnacao being led in by Mr Eu Tong-sen.

Winning five races in six starts, she took the Maidens, the Derby and the Champions. Mr Encarnacao rode each time.


1940, of the 132 stables, represented by some 300 ponies, biggest was Mr Eu Tong-sen’s, he setting up probably an all-time record with 23 ponies.

Including Hong Kong, Fanling and Macao Meetings, Mr Eu Tong-sen’s 23 were nominated for over 150 races throughout the year.

Five of them, with 17 commitments, did not start.

The other 18 made in all 133 starts — but scored only eight wins and 20 places.

Mr Eu set up a record, racing 23 ponies. Up to then Sir Paul Chater had held the record with 18.


1941-05-11《Hong Kong Telegraph》confirmed that ROSE ELECT raced only one year, for $8,873.





1941-05-11 Eu Tong Sen passed away due to heart attack, at the age of 63.





1942, stable names were mostly new, but a number of pre-War owners participated, including Mr Eu Tong-sen‘s family.

Mrs Eu kept racing her horses for years, DESERT CHIEF and CHILTERN were among her string.

Her silk was crimson cap and yellow Jacket, a reverse of Mr Eu’s color of crimson Jacket and yellow cap.





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