[:en]ELECTRONIC UNICORN (T092)[:zh]電子麒麟 (T092)[:]

6 Responses to [:en]ELECTRONIC UNICORN (T092)[:zh]電子麒麟 (T092)[:]

  1. aheadq says:

    電子麒麟在姚本輝3年’ 9戰4冠3亞3季; 蔡約翰4年, 6戰7冠4亞

  2. aheadq says:

    ELECTRONIC UNICORN matured only in his later years of racing career.

  3. hoof hoof says:

    電子麒麟已贏盡所有香港一哩大賽, 除了香港經典一哩賽外!

  4. hoof hoof says:

    It was Fradd’s third straight Stewards’ Cup success having won Fairy King Prawn in 2001, and on ELECTRONIC UNICORN in 2002 and 2003.

  5. cellrico says:

    電子麒麟敗於榮進寶蹄,飲恨於奧運精神, 連續兩年遺憾!!!!

  6. cellrico says:

    Before winning 2004 Queen‘s Silver Jubilee Cup, ELECTRONIC UNICORN‘s foot was badly injured and it took a long time to get his health back on track.

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