Easter Race Day 1967-03-18

5 Responses to Easter Race Day 1967-03-18

  1. woodyleung says:

    六十年代復活節大賽,貴妃’直路帶離十幾個位, 但終點前失蹄兼斷脚即時戰死沙塲, 騎師郭子猷!

  2. RicoCell says:


  3. RicoCell says:

    Easter Races at Happy Valley were very eventful till Sha Tin stole the show.

  4. aheadq says:

    “貴妃” 即時戰死沙塲, 是為當年復活節大賽的第一日賽事. 跑星期六.

  5. aheadq says:

    最巧合係週一復活節跑第二日賽事, 陳毓麟爆了大冷門

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